ZeroTech Optics Shooter Alix Claims Top Lady AUS PRS Tournament

Sydney – ZeroTech Optics is thrilled to announce Alix McFarland’s remarkable achievement as the Top Woman Shooter at the opening match of the 2024 Australian Precision Rifle Series (PRS) tournament, held in Monarto, South Australia. Alix, a dedicated and skilled shooter, has demonstrated exceptional talent and determination, securing her win as Top Lady.

Born and raised on a family property on the Hay Plains in southwestern NSW, Alix’s journey into precision rifle shooting is a testament to her passion for the sport and her commitment to excellence. It wasn’t until returning to the area in 2012 to live and work on a sheep station with her partner, Jock, that Alix discovered her love for long-range shooting. Alix quickly developed her skills, culminating in her participation in her first full year of competitive shooting in 2023. Alix has started this year out strong and is showing a lot of promise for the 2024 PRS Australia Series.

Alix’s success at the Monarto Meltdown was significantly bolstered by the use of the NEW ZeroTech Trace Advance 5-30×56 with the RMG2 reticle. This state-of-the-art optic has set a strong reputation for its robust build, solid turrets, and crystal-clear glass. These features provided Alix with the precision and reliability needed to excel in the challenging conditions. The uncomplicated yet detailed RMG2 reticle, paired with the Thrive red dot used in an offset 45-degree mount were instrumental in enhancing her target acquisition and shooting accuracy.

ZeroTech Optics is proud to sponsor Alix McFarland and is excited about the team’s prospects for success in 2024. Alix’s achievement not only highlights her exceptional skills as a marksman but also underscores the quality and performance of ZeroTech’s optical solutions. As a company committed to supporting the growth of precision rifle shooting in Australia, ZeroTech is delighted to see talented shooters like Alix leading the way, especially in encouraging more women to participate in and excel at the sport.

Alix’s approach to shooting emphasises safety, practicing the fundamentals and maintaining a positive mindset. Along with her advocacy for the PRS community, embodies the spirit of excellence and camaraderie that ZeroTech Optics champions. We look forward to supporting Alix and the entire PRS community as they continue to elevate the standard of competitive shooting in Australia.

Alix’s Setup:

·Action: Stiller TAC 30

·Scope: ZeroTech Trace Advance 5-30×56 RMG2 reticle

·Red dot: ZeroTech Thrive

·Stock: Manners T5A

·Barrel: Maddco 1-8

·Trigger: Jewel

·Rings: Spuhr

·Muzzle brake: Area 419 Hellfire

·Brass: Starline 6mm Creedmoor

·Bullet: Hornady 108gr ELDM

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