Virginia Legislator Proposes Background Checks for Gun Rentals

Contact Your Elected Officials in Opposition to SB1250 Today

Virginia state Senator Creigh Deeds (D-25) offered Senate Bill 1250, which would expand background checks for firearm transfers to include rentals of firearms. As introduced, the legislation adds the term “rent” to “include a temporary change in dominion or control of a firearm for use at or on the premises of a dealer's business location in exchange for money or other consideration.” Because federal law does not allow a NICS check for rentals, the legislation would allow the Virginia State Police to conduct a Virginia state criminal history record information check instead.

NSSF® opposes SB 1250 because a rental does not constitute a transfer as defined by federal law. Additionally, such a requirement would have a detrimental impact on ranges and the safe environment they create for those wishing to learn to use firearms and will overload the background check system for legitimate firearm transfers.

Please contact your elected officials today in opposition to SB 1250. Find out who represents you in the Virginia General Assembly here.