Firearm Industry “Safe Harbor” Payment Processing Now Available

Geneseo, IL – With many financial institutions leveraging their dominant positions to stifle legal firearm purchases and related transactions through “financial activism,” merchants throughout the firearms and sporting goods industries are fighting yet another assault on 2nd Amendment rights. Classic Pay Direct stands with firearms manufacturers, retails, consumers, and for our Constitutional rights by providing a safe, reliable option for processing transactions in the firearms and outdoor space.

In anticipation of accelerated legislative and “backdoor” attempts to curtail the rights of American merchants and consumers from participating in the free commerce of firearms, ammunition, and other goods associated with personal defense and hunting, Classic Pay Direct is offering its purchasing and financial transaction services to members of the shooting and hunting sports industries.

From countertop and mobile terminal options to virtual and point-of-sale integration systems, Classic Pay Direct offers safe, secure, and private transaction options for businesses of all sizes. This includes “mom-and-pop” gun shops through specialized e-retailers up to full-line box store and chain merchants. There are no middlemen in the Classic Pay Direct process, making merchant costs low so businesses can maintain profitable margins while providing their customers with true competitive pricing.

For more information on how you can move your shooting and hunting supplies business to a safer, more secure, and more reliable transaction processing system designed to withstand the anti-2A financial activism that is on the horizon, visit Classic Pay Direct at

About Classic Pay Direct

Classic Pay Direct leverages its over 25 years of payment processing experience representing several of the largest payment providers in the financial industry to assist clients big and small in establishing payment systems designed to meet their specific needs. By working through select banking institutions and preferred processing partners, Classic Pay Direct brings world-class financial service options to its clients with competitive pricing and a custom service guarantee.

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