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Kinsey’s Adds Exothermic Technologies Flamethrowers to Distribution Assortment

Mount Joy, PA — Kinsey’s recently announced the addition of Exothermic Technologies to their vast assortment of distributed archery and firearms products. Kinsey’s is excited for the new partnership with Exothermic Technologies due to their specialization in flamethrowers and accessories.

Since being founded in 2019, Exothermic Technologies has focused on cutting-edge product design and patent-pending technologies.

Exothermic is owned and operated by firearms and firefighting professionals who have taken their background knowledge and designed innovative products. Whether the flamethrower is for a controlled burn, or to safely start a bonfire — Exothermic Pulsefire LRT flamethrowers are sure to perform according to your needs.

Lewis Clanton, co-founder at Exothermic Technologies, commented on the recent partnership stating, "Exothermic Technologies is super excited about teaming up with Kinsey's. It was great to meet the team at KDS22! We had a great time at the show and we are looking forward to continuing to grow our relationship."

Kinsey’s dealers can shop Exothermic Technologies flamethrowers which includes their Pulsefire LRT and PulsefireUBF (Under Barrel Flamethrower). Kinsey’s will also carry a variety of their accessories which includes a backpack kit, carrying bags, and replacement battery charger.

About Kinsey’s Inc.:

Kinsey’s continues to evolve and add more business facets to strengthen the outdoor retailer. The ability to distribute FFL items, alongside their vast archery assortment, will offer customers the capability to utilize Kinsey’s two-warehouse network to stock their shelves with an even more versatile selection. Carrying items from more than 600 industry-leading brands, in-stock, and ready-to-deliver, the company offers domestic and international retailers a wide array of products and services, including a 1000-page catalog, an online ordering system, a renowned custom-fletching program, and more. The company also owns innovative consumer brands including Alpine Archery, BlackHeart, Elevation, Fin-Finder, and October Mountain Products.

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