Franklin Armory Wins Stipulated Judgement in ITFD Case

Minden, NV, May 2, 2022 Franklin Armory® is pleased to announce that the U.S District Court for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania has approved a Stipulated Judgment regarding the case of Franklin Armory v. ITFD et al.

The Stipulated Judgement was entered in favor of Franklin Armory®. It is noted in the Judgement that since October 14, 2019, In The Field Defense was willfully infringing upon U.S. Patent No. 10,393,461 B2 held by Franklin Armory®. Franklin Armory® endured lengthy negotiations with In The Field Defense in an attempt to resolve the conflict amicably, to no avail. The lack of reconciliation by In The Field Defense and their unsuccessful attempt to invalidate the '461 Patent, ultimately forced the need to litigate.

"Franklin Armory® has invested much time and treasure to secure various patents and trademarks." said Franklin Armory® President, Jay Jacobson. "Certainly we have done so with the intention of protecting that intellectual property. This Stipulated Judgement should serve as a testament to this concerted effort."

Franklin Armory® is known for innovation and American Made products. Franklin Armory®'s products are made with high quality American materials, in America, by Americans. It is our commitment to quality, the preservation of American jobs, and the protection of our intellectual property that will continue to drive our efforts against any additional infringements. If you wish to read the Stipulated Judgement, you may download it from our website under the "News" section.


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