Christensen Arms Announces New Mesa FFT Hunting Rifle in Optifade™ Camo

Gunnison, Utah – (August 31, 2022) Christensen Arms, manufacturer of state-of-the-art precision firearms and custom carbon fiber barrels, is proud to announce the new Mesa Hunting Rifle with Flashed Forged Technology (FFT) is now available in W.L. Gore™ Optifade™ Camo. Camo options include: Optifade Subalpine Camo Stock with Black Nitride Barrel & Action and Optifade Elevated II Camo Stock with Tungsten Barrel and Action.

“The new Mesa FFT with sporter-style stock makes it ideal on those long hikes up the mountain,” said Stephen Graham, Senior Vice President of Marketing at Christensen Arms. “Backcountry and most hunters alike look to shave not only pounds but ounces. The New Mesa FFT is the perfect solution while maintaining the structural integrity and performance you have come to expect from Christensen firearms. Adding these superior Optifade camo patterns to our state-of-the-art hunting rifles definitely gives the hunter an extreme advantage in accuracy and concealment.”

The new Mesa FFT is a great solution for most all hunting conditions - weighing in at 5.5 pounds makes it an ideal rifle on the mountainside or long treks to your hunting location. It utilizes an ultralight contour stainless steel barrel with a Cerakote® finish, “seamless” removable radial muzzle brake, and is backed by the Christensen Arms Sub-MOA Guarantee.

The new Mesa FFT features include: Christensen Arms 416R Stainless Steel Barrel with a Featherlight Contour, Stainless Steel “Seamless” Radial Brake (Removable), 1/2 × 28 Threaded Muzzle for optional suppressor, Precision Machined Receiver, Christensen Arms Precision Machined Receiver and Carbon Fiber FFT Stock. Also available in left-handed configuration. All backed by Christensen’s Sub-MOA accuracy guarantee.

Mesa Subalpine Model Specifications:

Chambering Barrel Length Twist Rate Total Length

6.5 PRC 20” 1/8 40.75”

.300 PRC 22” 1/8 43.75”

.300 WIN MAG 22” 1/10 43.75”

28 Nosler 22” 1/9 43.75”

Mesa Elevated II Model Specifications:

Chambering Barrel Length Twist Rate Total Length

6.5 CRDMR 20” 1/8 40.75”

6.5 PRC 20” 1/8 40.75”

.308 WIN 20’ 1/10 40.75”

Weight starting at 5.5 lbs.

MSRP starting at: $1,699.99

Over the past 25 years, Christensen Arms has consistently been at the forefront of firearm innovation and wildlife conservation efforts. From the introduction of the carbon-fiber wrapped barrel to financial support of leading wildlife conservation groups, Christensen Arms is always finding new ways to improve the shooter’s experience while protecting our beloved hobbies and traditions.

Technology That Supports Wildlife Conservation:

With conservation being at the forefront, Flash Forged Technology also results in greater environmental sustainability as it was created to save energy and eliminate waste. Utilizing automated processes and virgin recyclable materials, FFT is truly 100% zero-waste manufacturing. Trimmed composites are repurposed into new carbon fiber parts without producing harmful toxins or emissions. This new technology helps support Christensen Arms goal of wildlife conservation by reducing our environmental impact and protecting our lands and wildlife for the enjoyment of future generations – all while creating a superior product.

Flash Forged Technology is available exclusively on select Christensen Arms firearms for 2022: the MHR FFT, MPR FFT, Mesa FFT, Mesa FFT Titanium, Ridgeline FFT and Ridgeline FFT Titanium.

To learn more about the new Mesa FFT Hunting Rifle in Gore Optifade and all the 2022 new product offerings from Christensen Arms, please visit or follow us on social media @christensensarms.

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