SONIC 6.0 Now Available in Premier Match Grade Series

SONIC 6.0 Match Grade™ offers the utmost to archers seeking to add premium features in a lightweight shaft platform.

The SONIC 6.0 introduction made a big impression with archers as a brand-new shaft platform in the Easton made-in-USA lineup. SONIC’s lighter overall mass weight offered a wider range of arrow build options. Now, bowhunters seeking the utmost in a precision-made arrow need look no further than the new Easton Match Grade Pro Shop Series SONIC 6.0. Crafted in the USA with Easton’s exclusive Acu-Carbon process, every Match Grade SONIC 6mm arrow offers bowhunters the ultimate in confidence-building accuracy. From point to nock, no detail has been overlooked in the Match Grade arrow system. Each shaft features the industry’s-best tolerances, the most refined precision front-end components, and premium helical fletching. Match Grade Pro Shop Series arrows go beyond industry standards with Easton’s exclusive five-point straightness scrutiny. Other brands only test for straightness at the midpoint of the shaft, but Easton Match Grade SONIC shafts undergo a far more meticulous process, with razor-sharp tolerances at both ends, the center, and the critical quarter locations. Superior single-color AAE Hybrid 26 helical-fletch vanes round out the package with another Match Grade exclusive.

The SONIC 6.0 Match Grade is available in six spines (250, 300, 340, 400, 500, and 600) providing an option for nearly every bowhunting setup. 6mm nocks are pre-installed, and Easton’s precision ST inserts are included. High FOC brass inserts and target points are available and sold separately.

SONIC 6.0 arrows are available at authorized pro shops nationwide. See the full line of Easton carbon arrows at