First Shipment of the FK Brno 7.5 Field Pistol Has Landed in the United States

(Midwest City, OK) Luxury Firearms, America’s premier distributor for FK Brno, is proud to announce that the first shipment has landed in the United States. Getting this magnificent weapon stateside has been quite an extensive and laboring process. It started four years ago when Tony Mussatto, successful businessman and Owner of International Firearm Corporation, wouldn’t have imagined that he would have the opportunity and play a very significant role in the success and overall distribution of the FK Brno 7.5 Field Pistol within the United States.

Originally introduced to the owner and creator of, what is now being deemed “the most revolutionary firearm on the market today,” by the owners of Arsenal Firearms and Tangfolio, Mr. Mussatto started to inquire about bringing the pistol to the U.S. This firearm was never intended to be sold in the United States, but after many conversations with the creator of the weapon, Mussatto was invited to the FK facility in Brno, a small city in the Czech Republic. “I was fortunate enough to be the first American to shoot this amazing pistol, said Mussatto. “Just after two shots from 100 meters and off hand I heard the ping of the target down range. With all my experiences with firearms, hitting a target at 100 meters one handed has to be at the top of my list. I was also allowed to attach the shoulder stock and at 100 meters, I could not miss.  One must experience and allow this gun to perform as intended to fully understand how unique of a firearms this is. So I knew immediately this was something I wanted to help other American shooters experience.”

Over the last two years of hard work, countless emails and phone conversations, numerous on-site visits with the creator, Mussatto now has the first shipment of FK Brno 7.5 Field Pistols in his warehouse. A long-overdue wait has finally paid off and the endeavor is finally a reality.

Not only was Mussatto instrumental in bringing the FK into the United States, but his company, Luxury Firearms is also the exclusive manufacturer and distributor of the weapon’s proprietary ammunition. This allows the U.S. consumer to have an ample supply of ammunition, which is imperative with a new round. Luxury Firearms has also become America’s only authorized service/warranty center.

Mussatto told us, “With all I do and all of the various companies I operate, nothing gives me more satisfaction than speaking with an individual who wants to purchase and/or is interested in one of these pistols.” He continues, “This pistol is not for everyone and I understand that, but for the people who do purchase this pistol, they are in for an incredible experience. To think, a guy from Oklahoma has something to do with this experience is quite amazing to me.”

As exciting as the new FK Brno 7.5 Field Pistol is, this is just the beginning. As Mussatto states, “FK Brno has more models and groundbreaking products to follow and I’m looking forward to being involved for many years to come.” For sales and inquiries on the FK Brno 7.5 Field Pistol, please contact

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Luxury Firearms was founded solely to import and distribute the FK Brno 7.5 Field Pistol to American shooters and firearm enthusiasts. Luxury Firearms holds itself to the highest of standards and strives to surpass the level of services, quality of firearms and commitment of any current U.S. firearm importer. Luxury Firearm Corporation will use advanced sales and marketing initiatives to transform the mechanics of obtaining this imported firearm and distributing it to the end consumer. From the moment the first part is assembled in the Czech Republic to the moment a U.S. shooter fires their first round, Luxury Firearms will ensure an experience that is unique and above industry standards. 
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