Team Savage Dominates F-Class World Championships

It seems hard to believe you can compete and win at the highest levels of long-range shooting competition with a stock factory rifle, but that's exactly what Team Savage did at the recent F Class world championships in Bisley, England. The team dominated the F-T/R division, winning a total of 14 medals at the World Championships proper and various side matches associated with the event.

Stan Pate of Milwaukie, OR,; Darrell Buell Damascus, OR; Monte Milanuk of Wenatchee WA and John Weil of Welches, OR made the trip across the Atlantic to represent the US and Savage Arms. The competition is held once every four years and features some of the best talent and most expensive custom rifles from around the globe. The matches are held over several days, at distances of 800, 900 and 1,000 yards.

The Savage Shooters used the Model 12 F-T/R from Savage Arms. This exact model can be purchased from any Savage Arms dealer and carries a suggested retail price of just $1,265. The results speak for themselves: Team Savage comes home with Seven gold medals, two silvers and two bronze from the World Championships. They also earned two gold medals and a bronze at the associated side matches, including one held in Ireland.

F-Class Individual World Championships (F-T/R)

900 yard Day 1
Stan Pate 1st (gold medal)

800 yard Day 2
Monte Milanuk 1st (gold medal)

900 yard Day 2
John Weil 1st (gold medal)


Team Savage Dominates 2 of 2

1000 yard Day 2
Stan Pate 1st (gold medal)

800 Yard Aggregate Match
Monte Milanuk 1st (gold medal)

900 Yard Aggregate Match
John Weil 1st (gold medal)
Stan Pate 2nd
Darrell Buell 3rd

Day 2 Aggregate
Stan Pate 2nd (silver medal)

Individual World Championships Grand Aggregate
Stan Pate 3rd (bronze medal)
Darrell Buell 9th
John Weil 10th
Monte Milanuk 13th

World Championship National Teams Match
Team USA 1st place... World Champions
Darrell Buell (Captain)... Gold Medal
John Weil... Gold Medal
Monte Milanuk... Gold Medal

Duke of Cambridge (900 yard match)
John Weil 1st place (gold medal)
Darrell Buell 3rd place (bronze medal)

Bog Oak Team Trophy
Darrell Buell, Stan Pate, Monte Milanuk, John Weil, Gold Medal


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