Gun Talk Hits Million-Plus Download Mark in 2009

The influx of new buyers snapping up firearms around the country appears to have contributed to the record-breaking number of downloads of Tom Gresham's Gun Talk radio shows on the web last year. The 2009 podcast downloads of the nationally syndicated talk radio show totaled more than 1.18 million.

Gun Talk Radio runs for three hours every week on 87 radio stations across the country, as well as Sirius and XM Satellite Radio, can be downloaded a, and is also available on iTunes. Visi for a list of stations that carry Tom Gresham's Gun Talk.

Gun Talk fans also listen to the show as a podcast -- recorded shows available via download to computers, MP3 players and mobile phones. The million-plus 2009 podcast downloads were capped with a huge December, totaling more than 114,000 downloads, the biggest month on record for the Gun Talk Radio podcast.

"It's great to be able to reach so many people with a message of safe and responsible gun ownership," said Tom Gresham, host of Gun Talk Radio. "Every week we hear from new gun owners looking for direction and help to get started in shooting and self protection. The massive number of downloads of this three hour program shows how much interest there is throughout the country."

Gun Talk Radio is a nationally syndicated talk radio show about firearms, shooting and hunting. It runs live every Sunday from 2-5pm Eastern Standard Time. In its fifteenth year, Gun Talk continues to be one of the largest electronic media outlets for gun owners and gun companies in the United States.