ASYM Precision Announces Solid Defense X Ammo

DURANGO, Colo. - ASYM PRECISION announces the upcoming release of its new 9mm SDXT M SOLID DEFENSE XTM personal defense ammunition featuring the ultra premium 115gr. Barnes solid copper TAC-XP bullet. This well-developed load is designed for maximum performance in today's compact 9mm concealed carry firearms, as well as full sized duty pistols.

"With the rapid growth in 9mm self defense firearms, we've had a lot of customers asking for a 9mm offering similar to our popular .45 ACP SDXTM SOLID DEFENSE XTM load," explains Stan Chen, president of Stan Chen Customs and ASYM Ammunition. "Over the last couple of months we've been developing and rigorously testing the new 9mm SDXTM SOLID DEFENSE X load.The resulting load has proven to be exceptional, and we're proud to announce we will begin shipping the new round in the next few weeks," Chen says.

The new ASYM 9mm SDX ammunition uses only premium components including the Barnes solid copper TAC-XP bullet. Offering the very best in fight-stopping terminal performance, this bullet delivers completely reliable and immediate expansion, even through heavy clothing. It delivers optimal penetration between 13 and 15 inches in ballistic gelatin and nearly 100% weight retention. The Barnes TAC-XP bullet also offers best in class performance through intermediate barriers such as auto glass and steel. As the bullet is a monolithic solid, there is no chance that a lead core will separate from a copper jacket. Extensively tested, this load passes all FBI protocol ballistic testing standards.

Of particular interest to shooters using compact 9mm pistols for personal protection, this phenomenal bullet is designed to fully expand and perform even at the lower velocities that shorter barrels yield. The load generates 1200 feet per second, and 368 ft. lbs. of energy, from a 4" barrel. Full expansion of this bullet occurs at approximately 950 fps and above, so even when fired from a short-barreled compact pistol, this load delivers the performance needed for effective personal protection.

ASYM 9mm SDX is built with American-made nickel plated brass for exceptional corrosion resistance and the finest propellant for a defensive load application, delivering extreme consistency, low flash and the best performance, even in short barrel pistols.

Built from the ground up, the new 9mm SDXTM SOLID DEFENSE XTM is a +P load assembled on state-of-the-art equipment customized to ASYM's exacting standards. To insure ultimate reliability, each round is hand-inspected and individually chamber checked as part of an industry-leading quality control process that insures outstanding performance from all ASYM ammunition.

"ASYM 9mm SDXTM is a very controllable, low flash, moderate blast load that delivers consistently exceptional performance in full size as well as compact firearms, particularly today's popular concealable 9mm pistols," adds Chen.

The 9mm SOLID DEFENSE XTM ammunition will be available in a boxes of 50 rounds at an MSRP of $59.70, or in cases of 500 for an MSRP of $565.00.

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