CVA Introduces the ACCURA Mountain Rifle Muzzleloader

CVA has introduced a new ACCURA MR into its ACCURA family of premium muzzleloading rifles. The MR, which stands for "Mountain Rifle," joins the ACCURA V2 models, which are already among the most popular top-of-the-line muzzleloaders on the market today -- being particularly known for the extreme accuracy of their Bergara® barrels.

According to Dudley McGarity, CEO of Blackpowder Products, Inc., owner of the CVA brand, the ACCURA MR is the result of collaboration among the company's Pro-Staff members. "We asked them to design the ideal all-around gun for the extreme conditions under which they hunt, and this is what they came up with," he said.

For sure, as the cosmetics of the rifle imply and the first shouldering will confirm, the ACCURA MR is a "hunter designed gun." The action-style and stock design were borrowed from the CVA APEX, which is CVA's muzzleloading/center-fire interchangeable model. However, the weight of the gun, at just 6.35 pounds, is over a full pound lighter than the APEX - this due to the use of an aluminum rather than steel frame. This weight advantage, combined with the compact 25" barrel, make the ACCURA MR much more maneuverable than any of the other high dollar smoke poles -- with a fit and ease of target acquisition that reminiscent of a custom made rifle.

McGarity says that all of the features that made the ACCURA V2 famous are also found in the ACCURA MR - Quick Release Breech Plug (QRBP), Trigger Guard Actuated Breeching Action, Bergara Barrel®, Neutral Center of Gravity Trigger, premium SoftTouch stock with rubber grip panels - but that several more have been added that really put the ACCURA MR in a class by itself. Most noticeable is the WeatherGuard™ barrel finish which is applied over the exterior of the 416 grade stainless steel Bergara barrel. This, McGarity stated, is a major difference between the ACCURA MR and competitors models that also feature weather resistant barrel finishes - those being carbon steel barrels rather than stainless steel. The gun is available in either Realtree® Max-1™ or black stock finishes - and each comes with a matching Quake Claw Sling. Plus, the DuraSight Dead-On scope mount is included - making for quick and easy scope mounting. And lastly, CVA's new Palm Saver Ramrod is also standard.

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