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LaserLyte® Offers A New 3-Year Warranty On All LaserLyte® Products

Cottonwood, AZ - LaserLyte® has made effective immediately a new 3-year warranty for all products sold new, including those products sold new for the past three years. The father and son owned and operated company designs and assemble all LaserLyte® American-made laser products in their home state of Arizona.

"LaserLyte felt that we owed this to our very loyal customer-base that have been supporting us for over 25-years," Aaron Moore, Vice President of LaserLyte® explained. "Plus, with our advanced electronics and designs, there was no reason to offer anything shorter than a 3-year warranty."

LaseLyte® has the most technologically advanced lasers that include user programmable modes of constant-on and pulse modes in most LaserLyte® lasers. An auto-off feature incorporated in most lasers automatically turns the laser off after six minutes to prevent battery drain.

LaserLyte® will repair or replace any laser model purchased new, including models purchased new in the past three years. Any replacements will be the most current model laser. LaserLyte's new, no-hassle 3-year warranty is just another way LaserLyte® thanks their loyal customers. For repairs or product questions, call 928-649-3201 to speak with a LaserLyte® customer representative.

To download the LaserLyte Press Release PDF click here and the image here.

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