Walther Adds Knöbel


Carl Walther of Ulm, Germany is on a dynamic route:
Both portfolios – competition pistols and rifles as well as handguns for Police, Law Enforcement and Commercial Markets - are facing increasing success and popularity.
Under the leadership of Alexander Lenert, Walther successfully implemented best practice Industry methods in technology, logistics and manufacturing in Ulm.
The company is ready for the next step now and has managed to take on board senior industry executive Bernhard Knöbel.
Before joining Walther, Bernhard Knöbel was Managing Director with Blaser for almost 17 years and with Blaser Group Holding-Company for almost 9 years.
His main responsibility will be Product-Development, Sales and Marketing, whereas Alexander Lenert will take over responsibility for all Walther manufacturing worldwide and the implementation of the Walther Production System at the plants in Arnsberg, Germany as well as Fort Smith, Arkansas, USA.