Massad Ayoob Delivers the Facts on Lethal Force Law

Cincinnati, Ohio - Firearms and self-defense law authority Massad Ayoob lays out the rules of engagement for armed citizens in his latest title from Gun Digest Books, Deadly Force: Understanding Your Right to Self Defense. Ayoob draws from more than three decades of experience as an expert witness in weapons and homicide cases to educate responsible gun owners about the legal, ethical and practical use of firearms in self defense.

Several of the timely topics covered in Deadly Force include the debunking of self-defense myths; detailed explanations of Castle Doctrine and Stand Your Ground Laws; case studies of high-profile cases such as State of Florida v. George Zimmerman and State of Arizona v. Larry Hickey; concealed carry advice; and information on how to handle yourself if forced to use a firearm in self defense.

Just as Ayoob's landmark book, In the Gravest Extreme, quickly became the standard for educating countless thousands of armed citizens when he penned it three decades ago, Deadly Force keeps the most important facets of gun ownership top of mind for today's realities.

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Deadly Force: Understanding Your Right to Self Defense Massad Ayoob, Gun Digest Books
ISBN-13: 978-1-4402-4061-4