Leapers Introduces UTG True Huntress Female Sporting Vest

We found the name, True Huntress, very fitting for our new female oriented product line, as it takes some of the same design mentalities that made our True Hunter line of scopes well renowned. We chose rugged materials and painstakingly perfected features to meet real life demands with dependable performance. Designed for the outdoors, styled for women and tailored to the adventure at hand, the new adjustable fit Leapers UTG True Huntress sporting vest and series of products are sure to meet the needs of female shooting sports enthusiasts and outdoor seekers alike.

Factors branching from ergonomics, versatility, and durability were all avidly considered and sought after from concept to delivery, resulting in a vest ready for a multitude of different applications such as: trap and skeet, IDPA, hunting, hiking, fishing, and more. The simplistic symmetrical layout of the vest provides an ease of use advantage and promotes a user friendly orientation of both internal and external pockets and compartments.

The quality is in the details. Some include the dual horizontally hidden body pockets with hook-loop-closures ideal for concealing small frame automatic handguns or revolvers, zippered chest pockets for miscellaneous personal items, and zippered waist pockets ideal for storing shotgun shells outfit the front of the vest. Along the sides are adjustable pull cords allowing the vest to hug the natural curvature of the female body to shapely fit small, medium or large body types. Lining the insides of the vest are zippered internal mesh admin pockets, two with headphone Jack compatible ports and keepers. Additional features include a large, ambidextrously accessible back pocket with zippered bottom for easy storage and disposal, ideal for spent shotgun shells.

Regardless of the many different applications our customers will find for this vest, they can remain confident knowing the incorporated features: ample pocket space, stylish fit, and ergonomic access and security were all meticulously evaluated and precisely executed. The True Huntress sporting vest is a first in a series to come, including gun cases, bags and packs, in fresh new colors and fashionable styling. Ladies! You too can now enjoy some of the finest Leapers UTG has to offer while being your best and most comfortable selves.

Visit our company website, or drop us a line at 734-542-1500, for up-to-date product information and release dates on our continually expanding product lines, ranging from our Michigan born UTG PRO Made in USA rail systems and mounts, extensive line of flashlights and lasers, parts and accessories, to our popular gun cases and other soft goods, soon to include our female True Huntress lineup.

PVC-VF21BP (Black with Pink Accents)
PVC-VF21GP (Gray with Pink Accents)
MSRP: $44.97

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In 2009, we made an important decision and started our Made-In-the-USA Manufacturing Operation. Following our vision with persistence, we created the UTG PRO line of products starting form innovative rails and stocks with plans to make sights and lights. We use local vendors for a variety of services and bring jobs back to Michigan. In the past 2 decades, Leapers UTG has enjoyed tremendous loyal customer support. We are committed to giving back to customers our most innovative, best quality products with the most caring service.