Hooksett PD Chooses P320 SIG for Duty Gun

NEWINGTON, NH— SIG SAUER, Inc., is pleased to announce that the Hooksett, New Hampshire, police department has selected the .40-caliber P320® as its newest duty pistol.

The modularity and customizability of the P320 made the decision an easy choice. With its removable one-piece fire control module, the P320 makes it easy to fit an entire agency, from full size guns for patrol officers, to reduced grip modules for officers with smaller builds, to compact and subcompact sizes for detectives and undercover officers. The serialized fire control module allows one officer to set up several variants, without the need to log a new serial number or adjust to a new trigger pull.

"The P320 has a unique feature that is very appealing to me," said Sgt. James Bradley, a Hooksett PD firearms instructor. "The metal insert can be interchanged with a smaller handle and can allow a detective who needs a smaller gun to convert the full size weapon to a smaller version and still have the same gun."

Designed with the input of a variety of law enforcement officers, the P320 is the first striker-fired, polymer framed handgun from SIG SAUER®. In addition to modularity, the P320 has several safety features built in that make it a great choice for law enforcement, military and concealed carry use. Completely drop safe, the P320 also allows the pistol to be taken down for maintenance without the need for special tools or to manipulate the trigger.

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