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Beretta Now Offering Sako Ammunition via Website, Select Dealers

Beretta is pleased to offer Sako Ammunition for sale on its website and at select dealers across the country.

As a world renouned rifle manufacturer, many are surprised to learn that Sako also has a long history of developing and manufacturing high quality, reliable and dependable ammunition. Though its rifle production dates back to 1921, its ammunition legacy is founded in the 1939 – 1944 era when Sako produced 275 million rounds for the Finnish Armed Forces. Today, Sako offers a wide range of ammunition and presses forward in cartridge R&D logging 804,000 test rounds in 2014.

It is seldom that one single production plant manufacturers both rifles and cartridges. By integrating their knowledge of both productions, Sako offers a shooter the unique advantages of uncompromising accuracy and reliability. All Sako and Tikka rifles and cartridges are tested to guarantee 1 MOA or better accuracy from the moment you open the box. Skip Knowles, host of World of Beretta and avid big game hunter, said this about Sako ammunition, "Accuracy is the result of consistency and there is no more uniformly consistent ammunition than Sako…It will take your shooting to the next level, and when it matters most will take down any big game on earth."

In addition to unrivaled accuracy and performance there are other reasons to consider Sako ammunition:

CONSISTENT LOADING - Every bullet and case is individually inspected, the deviation of the highest quality single-base powder charge is minimized and the ignition time of the primers remains constant, providing for a quality that exceeds the precision of hand loading.

RELOADABILITY – Due to a proprietary heat treatment method, as well as zero impurities of the case material, Sako cartridges have the industry's highest reloadability and pressure resistance, maximizing the case lifespan and safety of any rifle.

STOPPING POWER – All hunting loads and bullets are developed at the Sako ballistics laboratory. They are tested during real big game hunts for optimal weight retention and double-diameter mushrooming for maximum impact.

Sako Ammunition Bullet Types:
  • SAKO HAMMERHEAD – Heavy, jacketed bonded core, sof point bullet for larger calibers. Specially designed bullet form and construction prevents core seperation and allows controlled mushrooming for excellent stopping power.
  • SAKO SUPER HAMMERHEAD – Heavy jacketed, strong and non-fragmenting, ensuring controlled expansion. Bonded core construction yields high weight retention, producing good penetration. Boat-tailed for high-ballistic effeciency means flatter trajectory.
  • POWERHEAD – Famous, all-copper and non-toxic, expanding big game bullet (Barnes TSX). Ensures deep penetration and very high weight retention.
  • GAMEHEAD – Traditional and accurate soft point bullet. Excellent all-purpose hunting bullet on small/meduim sized game.
  • DEERHEAD – The Deerhead is a bobded all-around bullet that can withstand extreme deformation without separation of the jacket from the lead core. The Deerhead expands rapidly and seldome loses more than 10% of its original weight.
  • TWINHEAD II – With its unique cross-member jacket design and the bonded front core, the Swift A-Frame (TM – can't find it on my character map) bullet has become famous for its ability to combine three critical performance features – controlled expansion, deep penetration, and 95% weight retention at all velocities.
  • ARROWHEAD II – Balistically advanced big game bullet (Swift Scirocco II ®) with heavy construction manufactured for Sako by Swift Bullets ®. The polymer tip maintains the streamline form until the bullet hits game tissue. Bonded core construction provides fast shock, controlled expansion and high weight retention.
  • SPEEDHEAD – Full metal jacket bullet that delivers ultimate accuracy for target shooting and small game hunting. The Speedhead ensures minimal pelt and meat damage.

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