Family Takeover on Outdoor Channel's "Guntucky"

DENVER, CO – Steven and Chad Sumner are tired of doing the grunt work at Knob Creek Range in Knob Creek, Kentucky, so they approach Gran-Pa Biff and ask for a week to take over the family business. With Steven's creativity and Chad's enthusiasm, Knob Creek customers benefit in more ways than one. Tune in to see the crazy firing range antics on Guntucky on Monday, July 27 at 11 p.m. ET on Outdoor Channel.

On this week's show, Steven calls himself the "big idea man" and Chad runs the store. While Chad negotiates with customers, Steven unveils a new business – a bachelorette party. The wedding business is big business – but uninvited guests threaten to disrupt the party and Gran-Pa Biff doesn't appreciate their presence.

The duo's last big idea to build the business is a free ammo giveaway and a range filled with recovered junk that was found around the county. While customers flooded the store for the free ammo and enjoyed shooting at the range, Gran-Pa Biff wasn't quite as enthusiastic about the $1,000 of ammunition given away for free with no strings attached.

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