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High Point (NC) Police Department selects SIG SAUER® P320®

High Point (NC) Police Department selects SIG SAUER® P320®

NEWINGTON, NH — The SIG SAUER, Inc., P320® has been chosen as the next duty pistol for the more than 200 officers of the High Point (North Carolina) Police Department.

One of the most progressive agencies in the region, the HPPD places an emphasis on training and providing its officers with the best firearms available. The P320 modular handgun was a perfect fit for the department and its officers.

"The SIG SAUER® P320 is a pistol designed with law enforcement in mind," said HPPD Chief Marty Sumner. "The features and modular design allow this pistol to be fitted to each shooter for comfort of grip and change of assignment. Since the serial numbered frame can be dropped into several configurations, it makes this one pistol for all assignments."

As a firearms instructor with more than 20 years of experience, Chief Sumner called the decision to select the P320 an easy one to make. From the enhanced ergonomics to the crisp trigger to the customizable fits, the P320 rose above the competition in the department's testing.
"We know that the SIG P320 can fit any need it's asked to fill, for law enforcement as well as civilian use," said Tom Jankiewicz, Vice President of Law Enforcement Sales for SIG SAUER, Inc. "The validation we receive from departments such as the High Point Police reinforces the superior design of this pistol."

During testing, the HPPD had officers test the P320 hands-on in live-fire range scenarios. After all officers tested the P320, 85% ranked the P320 as their preferred pistol. Sumner noted that during qualification testing, officers consistently scored above their averages with the P320, many only picking up the pistol for the first time at the time of the test.

The P320's improved striker design, noticeable smoother and cleaner trigger, and the ability to tune the gun's ergonomics to the officer were all cited as reason behind these scores, Sumner said.

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