Winchester Super Clean Adds .45 ACP

EAST ALTON, Ill. – With more recreational pistol shooters than ever before and more interest among those shooters in becoming better prepared and more proficient behind the trigger, Winchester Ammunition continues to answer the demand for better performing, yet affordable ammunition options when it comes to training at the range. Enter the brand's Super Clean line, which in 2017, will add a .45 ACP offering to the lineup.

Offerings now include:

.45 ACP – 160 gr.

9 mm Luger – 90-gr.

.40 S&W – 120-gr.

Super Clean ammunition features zinc-core brass-jacketed bullets and are completely lead-free, both airborne and downrange, for the ultimate in indoor range performance and safety. Super Clean comes 50 rounds per box.

"Winchester is committed to delivering more value-priced lead-free centerfire product options that are ideal for use on indoor ranges as the number of shooters visiting these ranges grows around the country. As one of the most popular rounds among handgun shooters, this latest .45 ACP ammunition is a testament to that commitment," said Matt Campbell, Winchester Ammunition vice president of marketing and sales.

View a video of the Super Clean 2017 Handgun Ammunition Here

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