Starline Adds .338 Federal

SEDALIA, MO – Starline Brass has recently announced the addition of the .338 Federal to their growing lineup of quality rifle brass. To continue to meet customer demand, Starline is now producing .338 Federal brass and will soon offer .243 Win, .223 Rem, .300 Blackout, 6.5 Creedmoor, 7mm-08 and .260 Rem.

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The .338 Federal was introduced in 2006 by Federal and Sako. It can achieve the same muzzle energy as some magnum calibers, but with less recoil. It also fits in standard length short action rifles and AR-10's without sacrificing magazine capacity.

Last year, Savage Arms introduced a whole family of new rifles chambered in the .338 Federal cartridge. Savage's new .338 Federal rifles include a Model 11 Hog Hunter, Trophy Hunter XP and Long Range Hunter, a Model 16 FCSS Weather Warrior, Bear Hunter and Trophy Hunter XP. They are affordably-priced with MSRP's ranging from around $600 to $1,100, making it easier than ever to get into shooting the newer .338 Federal cartridge.

Wilson Combat has also recently released a rifle chambered for the .338 Federal, the Recon Tactical .338 Federal AR. This rifle is an ideal choice for any big game hunting in North America including trophy wild hogs, elk, moose and bear. To view the Recon Tactical .338 Federal and other fine custom guns from Wilson Combat, visit

The .338 Federal is known for its accuracy and stopping power in a controllable package. The .338 Federal hits harder than the .308, and shoots flatter than the .358 Winchester, making it an excellent choice for close to mid-range big game hunting.

Starline is a family owned business that prides itself on producing the highest quality brass cases available. For more than 40 years, Starline's unique manufacturing process and commitment from their team of employees has distinguished Starline from the competition. Starline manufactures a full line of handgun cartridge cases, and has recently begun producing rifle brass.

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