Brandon Webb's "The Killing School" Launches May 9

NEW YORK – April 26, 2017 – Hurricane Group, Inc. CEO and ex-Navy SEAL Brandon Webb's latest book, "The Killing School" launches May 9, 2017 and is available for preorder now. This deep, gripping book provides a comprehensive look at what it takes to be and train a SEAL Sniper.

Webb is a New York Times Bestselling author who finished his duties as a SEAL by instructing some of the most elite, accomplished and notable snipers of this generation—many known by name across the country and around the globe. "The Killing School" breaks down and fully examines how to form elite warriors.

Serving, Training, Leading
Webb's career in the United States Navy spanned more than 10 years and included multiple deployments to the Middle East. As a SEAL he served with SEAL Team 3, Naval Special Warfare Group One (NSWG-1) Training Detachment sniper cell. He completed his last tour at the Naval Special Warfare Center (NSWC) sniper course where he served as the Naval Special Warfare west coast sniper course manager. It was here that he trained some of the most notable snipers, including the late Chris Kyle, a close friend of Webb's.

"There are certain traits that are found in snipers," said Webb. "And we explore many great sniper programs in this book. They are some of the most difficult, exhaustive and sophisticated training courses in existence, but they don't necessarily make snipers. Snipers are more born than made. This book takes a more detailed look at the SEAL sniper program, and then tells the stories of multiple SOF snipers, like former world-record holder for the longest kill Rob Furlong. Rob is a good friend and his story and many others are featured prominently in the book."

Previous Works and Titles
"The Killing School" is Webb and co-author John David Mann's latest project, but they have worked together before. Their "The Red Circle" (St. Martin's Press) is a memoir of Webb's life before and during his time as a SEAL that captivated audiences and soared to the New York Times Bestseller list. They also combined efforts to produce "Among Heroes" (Penguin-Random House) which was Webb's personal account of the eight friends and fellow SEALs who made the ultimate sacrifice.

Webb has published numerous other titles on related topics such as "Benghazi, The Definitive Report" (Harper Collins) and "The ISIS Solution" (SOFREP books). He has also written "The Power of Thought" (self-published) and has plans to release "Total Focus: Make Better Decisions Under Pressure" (Penguin-Random House) in August of this year.

Webb makes routine appearances as a subject matter expert on military and business topics on the leading broadcast networks and is regularly available to provide real-time insights on current events. He also contributes to entertainment and popular culture outlets such as Men's Journal—where his guide to traveling to Cuba is live now.

New York City Book Signing and Launch Party
"The Killing School" officially debuts on May 9, 2017. Webb will be available to sign his new release and meet with readers at the Barnes and Noble in Tribeca at 6:00 PM on Wednesday, May 10. There will also be a separate private launch party on Thursday, May 11 open to SOFREP Crate Club and TV members as well as Team Room and Book Club members. More information can be found on

About Brandon Webb
Brandon Webb is a former US Navy SEAL sniper, New York Times bestselling author, experimental aircraft pilot and entrepreneur. He's the founder of Hurricane Group, Inc., a U.S. based media and ecommerce company focusing on military entertainment, news and monthly clubs. Webb's full biography, complete list of books and additional background information is available at

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