Hunter's Handbook Unveils New Website

Burien, WA—Hunter’s Handbook, the official student publication of the IHEA-USA, unveiled its new, SEO-optimized, easy-to-navigate “how-to” website offering a massive channel for its sponsorship partners to connect to the digital consumer.

Offering new content weekly both online at and on all Hunter’s Handbook social media channels, the Hunter’s Handbook website is multipurposed. This new site is ideally designed to offer Hunter Education partners the opportunity to hit larger numbers of consumers with optimized content elevating their safe hunting and product messages with a much broader reach than ever experienced. It also provides an additional reach of 30,000+ e-subscribers on all partner content, optimized social media coverage of those articles, and Google-Ad placement buys driving traffic back to partner sites. Partners can immediately participate in custom-created, specifically-targeted giveaways, promotions, and messages in a manner that is proactive, alive, and vibrant on this new platform. In addition to these opportunities, partners can also tap into the creative team behind the platform getting custom content both in video and static format for their own corporate use that is professionally done.

For more information on and its digital capabilities, reach out to Mike Thomas or Leaha Wirth

Hunter’s Handbook is the official student publication of the International Hunter Education Association in the United States and is distributed in all Hunter Education classrooms safely educating new hunters and giving manufacturers the opportunity to showcase their products in a category-exclusive environment.