Lone Wolf Distributors vs Sopcom, Inc., et. al.

Following a jury trial, the Defendants Sopcom and Bravoware dba Bravotac were found to have infringed on Lone Wolf’s Trademark and the Jury awarded statutory damages of $37,500. The trial was based on the Defendants infringing on the Trademark by counterfeiting Lone Wolf’s trademark for the purpose of offering thread protector(s) for sale. Gino Shemesh’s now-defunct companies, BravoWare dba BravoTac and Sopcom, also had a $16, 201.75 judgement entered against them in 2015, the same year Lone Wolf filed the suit against them, as sanctions for making misrepresentations to the Court about their connection to Bravotac.

JR Shepard, Lone Wolf founder and CEO stated, “Gino Shemesh’s actions were an affront to the entire close-knit firearms community. These types of behaviors will not be tolerated. Lone Wolf has always been, and will continue to be, committed to protecting our brand, trademark, supply chain and customers from unscrupulous business practices”.

Founded in 1998, Lone Wolf Distributors has easily established itself as the leading Glock accessory supplier. Our QC starts with mill run quantities of raw materials. Our in-house engineers utilize CAD design exploiting exacting CNC tolerance control at all manufacturing levels. Our dynamic website displays real time, accurate inventory control allowing the vast majority of orders to process and ship the same day. Our customers demand premium upgrades that allow them increased performance. For these reasons LWD is unquestionably recognized as your best source for reasonably priced replacement parts.

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