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Volquartsen Firearms Brings Back the Summit

CARROLL, IOWA –– Volquartsen Firearms is proud to announce that it is now producing the Summit 22 LR Bolt-Action Rifle.

Volquartsen Firearms has worked out an arrangement with Primary Weapons System (PWS) to continue production of the original Summit design.  Volquartsen will be applying its more than 40+ years of rimfire experience to the design to maximize accuracy, functioning, and overall performance.

Scott Volquartsen, President of Volquartsen Firearms, had this to say when asked about the new design, “For many years, we have focused all of our efforts on building the most accurate and reliable semi-auto rimfire rifles and pistols available. Our focus on accuracy and reliability will never change, but we’re ready to add a rimfire bolt action into the mix and the innovative design from PWS seemed like the perfect platform.” 

The Summit will be available as a complete rifle with different options but will also be available as a standalone receiver/bolt product for those customers wanting to build their own.

Dean Sylvester, PWS President and Summit designer commented “The Summit has been one of our most requested products over the years. We feel combining the unique features of the Summit design with the impeccable manufacturing standards and reputation of Volquartsen Firearms will allow both companies to focus on our core markets and ensure all customers are getting the best product possible.” 

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