Lone Wolf Distributors Continues Support of High Schools

Lone Wolf Distributors is proud announce our support for Newport High School, located in Newport, Washington. “We support their Golf Tournament, Welding and Woodworking classes as well as supplying them with the “Big Gun, a replica Mountain Howitzer” to blow off a shot for every touch down during the Homecoming Games,” said JR Shepard, Lone Wolf’s CEO.

Lone Wolf has a long track record of supporting education and building positive outcomes for today’s high school students. And has in fact, hired employees directly from Newport High. By supporting welding and woodworking, they are helping give students real world skills that can be used to move into successful positions as tradesmen and craftsmen.

As a company, Lone Wolf Distributors believes that supporting students is the key to preserving the future of both our nation and the Second Amendment. Nationwide, more jobs than ever are available in the skilled trades, and as a manufacturer themselves, Lone Wolf believes in the value of those trades. Their support for Newport High School reflects this commitment to building a future for our young men and women.

Founded in 1998, Lone Wolf Distributors has easily established itself as the leading Glock accessory supplier. QC starts with mill run quantities of raw materials. Our in-house engineers utilize CAD design, exploiting exacting CNC tolerance control at all manufacturing levels. Our dynamic website displays real time, accurate inventory control allowing the vast majority of orders to process and ship the same day. For these reasons LWD is unquestionably recognized as your best source for reasonably priced, premium replacement parts.

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