Team MDT Wins Metal at Meaford

The MLRSC (Meaford Long Range Steel Challenge) held at the 4th Divisional Training Centre in Meaford, Ontario is Canada’s only 2 day, Precision Rifle Series match. 125 shooters from all over Canada and the USA signed up and attended the match including four members of Team MDT - one claiming a 1st place win.

The MLRSC consisted of 18 stages, with a steel target array ranging from 350-1250 yards in ever-changing wind conditions of 4-14 MPH. Time limits for the stages on day one were 90 seconds, but were bumped up to 105 seconds on day two, in order for shooters to complete more of the tough stages without timing out.

This was a mainly positional match, with only 25-30% of shots being taken from prone. Competitors shot off of tire walls, tables, through loopholes, off barricades, tire stacks, cattle gates, rooftops, through stairways, tripods and even over a rickety couch. There were many transitions to be made mid stage and the short time limits forced a lot of reticle holdovers, which became tricky with the windy conditions.

The top shooters were running 6mm’s (like the 6 Creedmoor, 6 Dasher and 6x47 Lapua), 6.5 mm’s (like the 6.5x47 Lapua, 260 AI and 6.5 Creedmoor), with a handful of shooters also using the old trusty 308 Win. MDT chassis and accessories were predominant at this match, with many shooters relying on the ESS, LSS-XL as well as MDT's prototype ACC Chassis shot by Team MDT Shooter Raul Verzosa.

The winds and tough stages on day one took their toll, however the longer time limits and more consistent wind on day two proved more predictable - and that is where the top shooters shone. Raul Versoza walked away with top tactical, 16th overall, the coveted metal trophy and a Barrett M98B in 308 Win for his efforts.

Team MDT Shooter Placement:

  • Ken Thiessen - 13th Open / 13th Overall - 260 AI
  • Raul Verzosa - 1st Tactical 16th Overall - 308 Win
  • Josh Botha - 26 Open / 32nd Overall - 6.5 Creedmoor
  • Ryan Stacey - 34 Open / 43rd Overall - 6 Competition Match

About MDT:

MDT produces chassis and accessories for bolt-action rifles used by precision rifle shooters around the world. MDT’s mandate is to promote and elevate the precision shooting experience by developing relevant, quality products that help people Shoot Better.


Bob Fugger
Marketing Manager