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Berger’s 7mm 190 Grain Long Range Hybrid Target is the latest projectile offering in the Long Range Hybrid Target product line. Berger’s Meplat Reduction Technology applies controlled pressure along the nose of each bullet producing a repeatable profile for consistent ballistic coefficients.
Mantis Tech is proud to announce the Mantis X8 for archery, a device that analyzes shooter movements, and sends the data over Bluetooth to the MantisX Archery app for smartphones and tablets.


On Target magazine recognized CCI Ammunition with an Editors’ Choice Award for best-of-the-best in ammunition. CCI Clean-22 bullets use an exclusive polymer bullet coating to greatly reduce copper and lead fouling in the barrel—without leaving a residue.

On Target magazine recently recognized Federal Premium Berger Hybrid Hunter with an Editors’ Choice Award for best-of-the-best in ammunition, as part of the magazine’s 18th annual awards program.
The Hornady 300 PRC has won the Ballistic Best Editors Choice award for Best New Caliber. The 300 PRC is available in 225 gr ELD Match and 212 gr ELD-X Precision Hunter.
Mammoth Coolers will once again be exhibiting this year at the Archery Trade Association show. The event will be held January 9th-11th in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Buck Knives will be participating in Industry Day at the Range, the event held before SHOT Show that invites media members and buyers to test out industry products. Participants can try out throwing knives and axes.


The Civilian Marksmanship Program will host its first Industry Day on Sunday, July 12, 2020. The event will be held on the final day of the annual National Trophy Pistol Matches and CMP Games Events at Camp Perry

Apex Tactical Specialties will be exhibiting at the 2020 SHOT Show (booth 1149) taking place January 21-24 in the Sands Expo Center. Dealers are invited to review the Apex product line, learn about upcoming new products and sign up to order direct from Apex to take advantage of our SHOT Show specials.


Retail Technology Group will showcase its 4473 eStorage for the AXIS POS and Range Management software this weekend at the Bill Hicks & Co., Ltd. Dealer Show at the Minneapolis Convention Center in Minneapolis, MN.
Performance Center announced that it has expanded its rifle line with the addition of four new lightweight .22LR rimfire rifles. The new Performance Center T/CR22 rifles feature a lightweight carbon fiber barrel and ergonomic stocks in multiple color options.
Trijicon Inc announced a joint partnership with Precision Sports Technologies, LLC to commercialize a revolutionary new technology in wind sensing. The partnership, WindPro Technologies, will bring products to market in varied industries where the ability to record wind values is of vital importance.

Legacy Sports International announces the development of a new partnership between SIG SAUER Germany and Legacy Sports International. This agreement with Legacy Sports International authorizes the exclusive import of SIG SAUER German made firearms into the USA.
High Speed Gear kicked off the new year with two new products, the ReFlex IFAK System medical kit and Duty Mini Multi-Access Comm TACO. These products will be on display at SHOT Show.
When the wilderness beckons, reach for Galco's Kodiak Hunter Chest Holster. Galco is excited to introduce a variant made for popular Thompson/Center’s Contender and G2 single-shot pistols, staple firearms among handgun hunters for decades.

The DeSantis Variable 87 is a new light weight IWB holster made from 1060 ballistic nylon, closed cell foam and lined with slick pack cloth. It is also fitted with the DeSantis Tuckable 360 clip for unlimited cant adjustment.
Luth-AR announces the new MBA-5 Buttstock, available in Flat Dark Earth for AR carbines and rifles in early February 2020. The new stock is light, adjustable and features a wide cheek rest.
CCI announces 14 new rimfire loads to be shown at the SHOT Show. These include Clean-22 USPSA Steel Challenge special edition, Clean-22 Segmented Hollow Point 22 WMR, Clean-22 Suppressor -- and special edition "Stangers" -- named for the pronunciation of the Stinger brand by YouTube's 22plinkster.

Otis is excited to announce its new products for 2020. These include additions to the Ripcord product line, revisions to the company's compact, round cleaning kits and gunsmithing tools.
Nexbelt announced that they will be exhibiting in the NEXT Exhibitor section of the 2020 SHOT Show January 21-24 in BOOTH N354. The company will show their new SUPREME APPENDIX, TITAN, ROGUE and BOND Series ratchet-style gun belts for 2020.
Trijicon Inc. is proud to introduce six all new riflescope categories for the hunting, tactical, competition and long-range communities, as well as new models in its AccuPoint line.
Viridian Weapon Technologies is pleased to announce the expansion of its new Viridian Optics line with the release of two new riflescope models. The VENTA 1.5-4.5x32 and VENTA 4-16x40 give hunters and competitive shooters professional-grade optics at an incredible value.
Trijicon, Inc. introduces the Ventus, the world’s first advanced wind-mapping and range-detecting handheld device. Powered by WindPro Technology, the Ventus measures three-dimensional wind velocities at multiple distances out to 500 yards and ranges real-world, non-reflective targets up to an amazing 5,000 yards.
The new Sightmark Volta solar reflex sight combines solar and battery power to provide a dual power system and uninterrupted operation. Powered by solar cells directly on top of the optic housing and 2x AAA batteries, Volta red dots provide users the choice of which power source works best for their situation.
The CMP Competition Rulebooks that will govern CMP sponsored and sanctioned Highpower Rifle, Pistol, CMP Games and Smallbore Rifle competitions in 2020 have been approved by the CMP Board’s Rules Committee and are now posted on the CMP website.
Umarex USA just released the Umarex AirSaber—a new way to hunt with no strings attached. It’s among the fastest, big game lethal archery hunting devices available. Generating more speed and power than most crossbows while being safer and easier to operate, the Umarex AirSaber continues the evolution of archery equipment.
Versacarry has announced the addition of a new holster to their line of Comfort Flex holsters. The Comfort Flex IWB holster provides outstanding comfort while securely holding the firearm in place.
ERGO Grips announces the Rifle Build Kit Giveaway for SHOT Show 2020. They partnered with Anderson Manufacturing to give away a Rifle Build Kit worth over $1,200.
The shorty version of the M1A from Springfield is ready for anything from farm to field. Will Dabbs, MD, details the M1A Tanker’s efficiency and effectiveness in the March issue of GUNS Magazine.


Take your training up a notch, what the 2020 elections could do for gun rights or gun control (depending on which voters show up); another case of pro-gun censorship on Facebook, and more, this week on Tom Gresham's Gun Talk Radio.
Brownells invites SHOT Show attendees to visit booth #13018 in the Sands Convention Center in Las Vegas, Nevada, January 21 through 24, to see the newest products and visit with notable industry personalities.
The National Shooting Sports Foundation announced that Lucas Oil Products, Inc., has agreed to be the official Wi-Fi Sponsor for the 2020 SHOT Show. Lucas Oil is a manufacturer of oils, lubricants and cleaning products for a wide variety of markets.



Today's feature is from our companion service, the Tactical Wire.

It is in one of the finest pieces of cinema ever produced (in my opinion) -- THE SHOOTIST (1976), where Ron Howard (Gillum) says to John Wayne (J.B. Books):

Gillum: "How did you get into so many fights and always come out on top? I nearly tied you shooting!"

Books: "Friend, there's nobody out there shooting back at you! It isn't always about being fast...or even accurate...that counts. It’s being willing! I found out early that most men, regardless of cause or need, aren't willing. They'll blink an eye or draw a breath before they pull the trigger...and I won't!"

I was still in the basic police academy when I saw this movie in an actual theatre. When I heard this exchange in the film, it hit me just like being slapped in the face. While it went right past most viewers, it stuck with me and I remembered it. When video (VCR) movies became available, I had a copy of that segment made at a shop that specialized in making VHS copies. I have used it continuously since becoming a firearms instructor in 1982. In the book THE SHOOTIST, the author goes into more detail during this exchange and if you can find a copy, I suggest you read it. If nothing else, it’s just a great novel.

Teaching shooting is not that difficult. All one needs is a foundational knowledge of the mechanics required and then recycle them to a student. Some are good at this; others cannot communicate the directions to the restroom, let alone proper technique. Many cannot perform the techniques they are teaching. That said, “instructors” do this all across the country every week and, for the most part, I am glad. Like Robert Heinlein, I believe an armed society is a polite society. If nothing else, it is certainly more stable, secure and safe. My concern comes in the quality of training many receive, but that is another story.

A part of bringing reality to "range world" included the "chair drill," something the editor first saw from world class instructor Clive Shepherd, then of NRA Law Enforcement. In this segment, participants begin the drill facing uprange, something that gave conventional LE range people the vapors. Below, the "downed/disabled officer" training (taken from Cirillo's work at FLETC), teaches another aspect to fighting.

But shooting is not the problem, it’s teaching students to fight … to be combative … which is much more difficult as many instructors really do not comprehend the concept. Now, I am not bashing on our nation’s firearms instructors. Conflict should be avoided at all costs because every time one enters conflict, they run the risk of losing no matter how well trained. If an instructor does not understand the dynamics of conflict it’s easy to focus on splits, draw times, speed of reload and other skills that can be improved with practice. But does such skill make one better prepared to fight? Ahhh…is that not the million dollar question? Skill certainly makes one more confident, but does it make one more ruthless? As the author of THE SHOOTIST so clearly pointed out…and it has been borne out by history…the winner of a fight is not necessarily the person with the fastest draw, most bullets, super accurate, best gear…it’s the more ruthless of the two combatants…the one who will not hesitate to inflict harm on an opponent.

Hesitation can kill…

Every so often, someone will post photos of gang members or insurgents shooting their guns sideways and everyone laughs, jokes and ridicules the VERY dangerous people in these photos. This ridicule comes from people who, mostly, have never been in a fight. Forget that holding a handgun sideways and shooting does help control recoil, they seem to forget that most all of the people pictured are battle hardened and more than willing to cut their head off. They have likely been in multiple gunfights…no, they do not look as cool as many American shooters on the range, but they are very, very effective at what they do …. killing.

Spaulding taking a class at a law enforcement conference -- exploring "downed officer" drills.

So, can we teach fighting? We can, but it is more difficult than teaching shooting…and it’s not near as much fun on a weekend. The skills of shooting and fighting are similar, but their application is different. How can you tell? Well, while not all inclusive, here are a few examples: If you are mostly concerned about your split times, draw speed, perfection on a particular drill or how you look when you do these things, you are probably shooting. If you are focusing on hitting the thoracic cavity multiple times every time you shoot regardless of the orientation of your body or how you look when doing so, you are probably fighting. If you are engaged in regular interactive training and not bitching, crying or making excuses for poor performance…just trying to get better each time…you are probably training for the fight.

Again, these are but a few examples, but I believe they show the difference in application.

Which are you doing?

Dave Spaulding is a professional firearms instructor with 36 years' experience in Law Enforcement and Federal Security. The recipient of the 2010 Law Enforcement Trainer of the Year Award from the International Law Enforcement Training and Educators Association (ILEETA), Dave has worked in all facets of law enforcement including communications, corrections, court security, patrol, evidence collection, training and investigations. He was a founding member of his agency’s SWAT Team and acted as its training officer for 8 years. He spent a year in an undercover capacity and was the commander of a multi-jurisdictional narcotics task , has been an adjunct instructor at the former Heckler & Koch International Training Division and the Tactical Defense Institute. In addition to his many published articles (over 1,400), Dave is the author of two acclaimed books, Defensive Living and Handgun Combatives. He is also featured in a series of training videos from PANTEAO PRODUCTIONS. He currently operates his own training company that focuses exclusively on “the combative application of the handgun” .

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