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1st Lt. James Minturn, 29, of the U.S. Marine Corps shooting team claimed both the Three-Gun and Four-Gun Aggregate competitions during the Games portion of the Civilian Marksmanship Program’s National Rifle Matches.
The Civilian Marksmanship Program would like to remind air gun athletes that there are still plenty of opportunities for competition fun in the last few months of 2021. The CMP’s Monthly Matches are set to return to Ohio and Alabama with a mix of air gun events for all ages and experience levels in September, October and November.

Big Daddy Unlimited announced that their range and media event, Epic Shoot, will return for its fourth year on Nov. 11-12 in Fleming, Georgia. This interactive showcase brings together industry-leading manufacturers with media influencers and VIP guests to see the newest and hottest products on the market.
Part of Galco's Concealed Carry Lite line, the Stow-N-Go inside the waistband holster merges Galco’s quality, comfort, and performance with extreme affordability as an option for daily CCW needs.
CZ-USA just introduced the new P10M 9mm pistol – and Galco is ready with a wide selection of holsters. These include the Combat Master, Royal Guard 2.0 and more.

Darren Jacobson returns full time to the firearms industry as Midwest Sales Director for Legacy Sports. He will be covering Wisconsin, Minnesota, Missouri, Iowa and Illinois.
Springfield Armory announced the donation of guns and equipment to the City of Lake Ozark Police Department. Included were pistols from the XD-M Elite OSP family with HEX Dragonfly red dot sights. Additionally, the agency received SAINT Victor B5 5.56mm rifles equipped with HEX Dragonfly red dot optics.
Legacy Sports International and Reno Cerakote announced Justin Cagle’s promotion to Director of LSI Product Development and Director of Reno Cerakote Operations.

FN America, LLC announced the release of the FN 303 Tactical Less Lethal Launcher. FN answered requests from law enforcement officers and agencies to make key improvements to ergonomics and adaptability while extending service life.
O.F. Mossberg & Sons, Inc. is expanding their MVP Patrol bolt-action rifle series with a 300 AAC Blackout offering. This series of multi-purpose MVP rifles is a great choice for target shooting, hunting, home defense and plinking; all with the convenience of AR-magazine compatibility.
Holosun introduces the new AEMS optic – the Advanced Enclosed Micro Sight. It weighs 3.9 oz. and is 11% shorter in length than the standard 20mm micro-style optics while offering twice the lens surface area.
Mossberg expands the 940 family with the 940 Pro Field auto shotgun in 12 ga. Sporting a 28-inch vent rib barrel with front fiber optic sight, the barrel is also threaded for Mossberg’s AccuChoke system and includes Full, Modified and Improved Cylinder choke tubes.
Bond Arms introduces the Girl Mini and Mama Bear – with a feminine flair. Consider them the ultimate everyday accessory, one that’s small and lightweight yet packs a potent punch.
Brownells is partnering with Foxtrot Mike Products for the Gen II FM-15 Zhukov, a new rifle design offered exclusively at Brownells and unveiled during the 2021 Labor Day event at

Blackhawk has announced the introduction of its new Foundation Series Tac Nylon gear. At the core of the Foundation Series is a durable nylon laminate material and a low-profile, laser-cut design.
REVIC, a division of Gunwerks, announced the release of the new BR4 Ballistic Rangefinder. It features the REVIC solver with advanced wind and earth based effects to provide accurate, ultra-fast corrections in MOA, MILS, or the exclusive Shoot-To-Range Mode for use with BDC turrets.
HK has partnered with Umarex of Germany to bring out the only HK-authorized rimfire versions of the legendary MP5. These new guns, pistol and rifle, have the look and feel of the MP5 submachine gun.

SnapSafe® Vault Doors enhance the security of any closet, room or storm shelter. Upgrading a wooden door to a heavy-duty steel SnapSafe Vault Door is an economical, ultra-secure, yet elegant option.
CZ-USA has announced a new era in concealed carry pistols with the much-anticipated micro-compact P-10 M pistol release.
Faxon Firearms has expanded their Rimfire line with Bull Barrels for 10/22. The line now includes six 10/22 bull barrel options.
HIPERFIRE sought to meet customer demand for performance of the 1st Gen. recoil compensator at a more attractive price. The company reduced the size of the comp and the cost for the new HIPERCOMP line.
Berger Production Engineer, Garett Stoddard, visits the Australian Hunting Podcast to talk Berger bullets and ammunition, ballistics, terminal performance, and more in the hour-long episode.
Scholastic 3-D Archery is pleased to announce Dustin Horton as the Tennessee S3DA State Conservation Coordinator.
Primary Arms has announced the launch of their ‘SMS Club’, which offers limited-time sales and special offers. On September 15th, members who signed up will receive their first message with an exclusive promotion.
Springfield Armory and Primary Arms, together with GunsAmerica and Brand Avalanche Media, have created the ultimate Armory Life Giveaway. Sponsors include Springfield Armory, Primary Arms, GunsAmerica, MantisX, Federal Premium Ammunition, AXIL Hearing Protection, and We Knife.
This week, Tom discusses a new trigger from Timney, cool firearms museums you may not know about and more on Gun Talk Radio.
As the 2021 big game hunting season begins to ramp up, CenterPoint Archery announces their new Wrath™ 430 is now available for crossbow enthusiasts.

As ammo has been coming back in dribs and drabs, I found a supply of NormaUSA TAC-22 “High Performance Target” 40 grain lead round nose 22LR ammo at the local Academy Sports store. I’d picked up a few boxes a month or so ago and had only tried them from one 22 – it seemed a good summertime chore to see if they worked out in another gun

The other gun was the Ruger GP100-22-4, a limited issue 10-shot revolver with a slightly-over four-inch barrel. A Davidson’s Exclusive – for a short time available from their Gallery of Guns -- this sample is two ounces lighter than their standard 5 ½” GP100-22.

The Davidson’s Ruger in stainless steel is heavy and it features a ten-shot cylinder. The gun features the standard Ruger revolver adjustable sight. A green fiber optic front sight is slightly rear of the muzzle, in a dovetail. The muzzle is recessed and crowned.

The stocks are of GP/SP style, rubber with hardwood inserts. The barrel has an ejector rod shroud but has no under lug all the way to the muzzle as some versions of the centerfire revolvers do.

The trigger has no serrations; the face of the trigger is smooth. This makes me believe the makers want me to shoot it double-action.

The single action trigger breaks clean and is service weight. The double action trigger can be staged, drawing the trigger and hammer back to a “pause,” confirming the sights and pressing off as a single action.

It’s quite heavy, but is smooth.

While the NormaUSA ammo box was clearly marked “target velocity 1100fps,” this speed is likely measured only when fired from a rifle-length barrel. To explore the ammo’s potential while getting some much-needed trigger control practice, I went back to the shooting drill, popularized on the internet, called the “Rastoff Challenge.” The target to be used is an NRA B27 repair center, which has ISU scoring rings featuring an ‘X’ in the middle. The drill is four rounds at three yards; six rounds at five yards which is repeated at seven yards, followed by four rounds from ten yards. The object is to get all 20 rounds inside the “X” ring, with no time limit.

I shot it clean, but started to ‘wander’ in the “X” ring at ten yards. The gun is heavy, as is the smooth DA trigger – and, yes, it was all shot double action to get the most good from the exercise. It’s smart to end a practice session on precision.

Following up, at three yards, I shot one-handed single-action on the upper “9” figure -right hand, then followed up on the uppermost “8” left hand only.

I found that I tended to hit to the right when shooting left-handed.

I stepped back and worked the 6” steel paddles at twenty yards, five left-handed, five right-handed, all two-hands, shooting double-action.

I finished at 20 feet with five rounds on the right-side “9” number on the B27 repair center, shooting right-handed, with 2-hands, DA slow fire; then firing five on the left “9,” 2-handed, left-hand, DA slow-fire. I was still tending right with the left-hand, 2-handed DA too. I found that the load hits under the sights (low) at 20 feet.

The ammo is accurate in this gun. As a bonus, I noticed that even with a still, humid morning there was nearly no smoke. While the projectiles had some sticky lube that could be felt, that didn’t result in lots of smoke – as there is with some 22 Long Rifle ammo.

It was good practice with a great gun and competent ammo: that makes for a pleasant summer day.

-- Rich Grassi

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