In observance of the Labor Day holiday we will not publish any services on Monday, September 5. We will resume our normal schedule on Tuesday, September 6.
Bushnell is celebrating pro shooter Jessie Harrison’s dominant performances at the recent USPSA Area 5 and Area 3 Championships. Harrison, who is also a sponsored Hoppe’s athlete, recorded back-to-back High Lady titles at two of the USPSA’s most competitive championships.
Team Beretta shooters recently achieved fifteen podium wins during several recent regional competitions, including the 2022 Northeast Regional Championship held at Hopkins Game Farm in Kennedyville, Maryland, and the 2022 Western Challenge held at Gallatin Sporting Clays in Three Forks, Montana.

Hillsdale College’s John Anthony Halter Shooting Sports Education Center hosted the USA National Junior Olympic Skeet and Trap Championships from July 28 to July 31. Shooters under the age of 21 traveled to Hillsdale College to compete.
Hornady congratulates Miles Neville and Bennie Cooley on their performance at the NRL Hunter Grand Slam Championship, August 19-21, 2022, in Hammett, Idaho.
Multiple Team Remington elite shooters secured top finishes at the NSCA Northeast Regional competition at Hopkins Game Farm in Kennedyville, Maryland.

Congratulations to SK’s Kaitlin Benthin winning the Lady’s Championship title at the TANDEMKROSS Area 7 Steel Challenge Championships. With a grand aggregate score of 78.05, Benthin finished 1st Lady, 2nd in Junior class, 3rd in Rifles Master, and 4th in Rimfire Master.
The SIG SAUER Academy is pleased to announce the upcoming September 2022 schedule of events for September 2022.
In support of America’s military veterans, in memory of those who sacrificed their lives in service to the country, and as a portion of the company’s $1,000,000 Silver Anniversary pledge, President of Henry Repeating Arms Andy Wickstrom presented a $50,000 check to The American Legion at their national convention.

Federal Ammunition celebrated a warehouse expansion project with a groundbreaking ceremony on Tuesday, August 30. The multi-million-dollar, 100,000 square foot warehouse will be constructed in the eastern part of Federal’s property which sits within the city limits of Coon Rapids.
Otis Technology is proud to announce several promotions within the sales organization. These changes will prepare the organization for its next chapter of growth.
The Civilian Marksmanship Program announces a personal donation from Larry and Brenda Potterfield, including a 76,800-square foot facility and more than five acres of land in Columbia, Missouri.
Henry Repeating Arms is proud to announce its latest Guns For Great Causes campaign with the donation of a one-of-a-kind New Original Henry Rifle to benefit the Shadow Warriors Project. The ornately engraved firearm is currently up for auction, with 100% of the proceeds from the winning bid going directly to funding Shadow Warrior Project’s endeavors.
Century Arms is proud to support the veterans of this great country through a donation to the amazing facility known as Josh’s House VT. Josh’s House has a primary goal of providing a safe and welcoming space for active and veteran military personnel.
AMMO, Inc. will host a ribbon cutting ceremony at its new state-of-the-art production facility located at 6311 West Custer Street in Manitowoc, Wisconsin at 12:00 p.m. CDT on September 22nd. The ceremony is open to the public.

The Firearms Policy Coalition responded to the failure of California SB 918 and AB 1227: “SB 918 and AB 1227 were examples of the contemptuous undermining of the natural rights of the People … This victory is the work of countless members of the pro-rights community and our peers and colleagues at pro-rights organizations …”
Springfield Armory is proud to announce the launch of the Prodigy AOS 9mm pistol, the first offering in the new 1911 DS double-stack line of pistols. The Prodigy is available in both 5” and 4.25” variants.
Christensen Arms announces their new Mesa Hunting Rifle with Flashed Forged Technology (FFT) is now available in W.L. Gore Optifade Camo.

High Speed Gear offers MultiCam Alpine as a special request color option. The MultiCam Alpine pattern was designed for those operating in snow-covered environments with significant snowfall.
CrossBreed Holsters has premium holstering solutions ready to go for the new Springfield Prodigy 1911 DS launch. The company is rolling out a broad range of its leading IWB and OWB holster options for this exciting 9mm pistol release.
The new GX4XL combines all the performance features of the original GX4 micro-compact 9mm with a new slide and barrel configuration for enhanced accuracy and terminal performance.
DeSantis Gunhide introduces multiple new holster fits for the Springfield Prodigy 4.25” --with or without a red dot sight mounted. These include the Mini Scabbard, Speed Scabbard and the Thumb Break Scabbard.
Norma Precision Inc. introduced the newest addition to their Rimfire product portfolio, Tac-22 Subsonic. This cartridge is a 40-grain lead, hollow point with a muzzle velocity of 1033 FPS.
Comp-Tac Holsters now has 5 holster options for the Springfield Hellcat Pro handgun. These include the MTAC, Spartan and Sport TAC.
Blackout Defense recently launched a new custom Cerakote color option on its rifle builder webpage. Mixed and applied in-house, the new Cerakote blend, named “Primordial Green,” is Blackout Defense’s take on a deeper and darker olive drab green.
Built on the same frames as all Shadow Systems pistols, the FOUNDATION SERIES touts sleek ergonomics, real-world shootability, and bet-your-life reliability at a lower price.
Liberty Suppressors announced the release of their latest silencer design, the Leonidas Gen 2, a centerfire suppressed rifle system for the AR15.
The Mepro is the only red-dot optic requiring neither a battery or an on/off switch. The maintenance-free, fiber-optic/tritium power sources provide illumination- day or night.
Scholastic 3-D Archery has named Amber Gose as Alaska S3DA State Coordinator. Amber is excited to build Alaska S3DA and wants the program to build a solid foundation like other established states.
Alien Gear Holsters have pulled together with some of the top brands in the industry to create the ultimate hunting season giveaway for 2022. Included in the package is a Taurus Tracker, a Rossi R92 44 Mag. rifle, a Vortex Diamondback HD 2000 Rangefinder and more.
Faxon Firearms announces their 2022 Labor Day Sale. Retail and Faxon Guardian Purchase Program Customers can enjoy 20% off of certain in-stock products through 9/9/2022.
Christensen Arms announced the Mesa and Ridgeline Consumer Rebate Promotion. Consumers who purchase a Christensen Arms Mesa or Ridgeline rifle between September 1st and September 30th can get a cash rebate of $350.
Several new guns were announced this week, and Tom Gresham has the scoop. Tom interviews Springfield Armory’s Rob Leatham, Ruger’s Brandon Trevino, and Smith & Wesson’s Corey Beaudreau, this week on Tom Gresham's Gun Talk Radio.
Savvy gun owners lock handguns and other everyday essentials when not in use. The SnapSafe Keypad Vault is a compact security container perfectly suited for protecting these valuables.

In my youth, Labor Day meant was the beginning of the end of summer. Time to frantically squeeze in all the summer activities we’d delayed due to the heat.

With school only a few shorter days away, our feelings of urgency overrode the heat.

Today, schools begin well in advance of Labor Day. It’s the first “break” of the fall term.

Labor Day signals college football, (finally) cooler temperatures and camping.

Summertime in the south is neither synonymous nor sympathetic when it comes to camping. Heat, mosquitoes, chiggers and other creepy crawlies aren’t camping conducive.

Southern camping means cool evenings around a fire toasting marshmallows, and cooler mornings wrapped in a blanket or sweater drinking hot coffee while watching the world wake up.

There’s still far more green than red, but the signs of fall are undeniable. It may still be hot, but the leaves are showing signs of fall.

This weekend does mean preparing for cooler weather and reluctantly preparing to say goodby to things we cherish: green grass, leafy trees, blooming flowers, songbirds and swimming.

Once the leaves fall and the plants wilt, it’s dull days ahead until spring restarts the cycle. Winter in the south really can define discontent - unless you’re an outdoors-type.

For us, activities aren’t over. We’re just changing outfits to match the weather.

As Paul Erhardt wrote in Wednesday’s Wire, dove seasons opened across much of the country on Thursday, September 1.

You be sweltering in near-tropical temperatures in dove fields this weekend, but you’re getting those hunting muscles ready. Won’t be long before coats, gloves and toboggans replace that bug-stop camo and snake boots. That’s a fair trade because snakes and other biting critters take the winter off.

Later, as you’re sitting in your stand, hiding behind your blind or stalking an animal, you might be shivering, but you’ll be enjoying an aspect of the woods some will never experience.

Me, I don’t care for the cold, but I revel in the quiet.

This weekend isn’t only about saying “sayanora, summer.” It’s the federal holiday established to recognize the work and accomplishments of the American labor movement. If you grew up near the coal mines in Kentucky, you already know that without the labor movement mining would be even more difficult and dangerous. It’s the same story for many other industries.

It’s also high time for me to offer a tip of my proverbial cap to the United Sportsmen’s Alliance (USA).

When they were announced in 2007, I grilled an old friend and prominent union figure, Rich Trumka, about my concern that “the unions” would do what they always did - turn the organization into a political tool.

He bristled (and Rich knew how to bristle), telling me that politics would have nothing to do with USA.

I promised I’d hold him to that and gleefully call him out if/when they did.

Nearly 16 years later, I’m still watching.

What I’ve seen hasn’t been politics, it’s been union workers using their efforts and expertise to fulfill their motto: “Educate. Conserve. Volunteer”

My friend Trumka stepped on a rainbow last year, but the organization he promised me would “stick to the outdoors and avoid politics” has stayed true to their mission.

In each of those years, they’ve repeatedly applied the efforts and expertise of six million current and retired union workers to do exactly as they promised: Educate. Conserve. Volunteer.

Many of us will enjoy public facilities this weekend that benefitted from their efforts. Some of you may be enjoying the outdoors because you were introduced to the outdoors at a USA event or through watching their TV shows.

That’s doing good work, folks.

Have a great weekend…we’ll be back on Tuesday, September 5 and, as always, we’ll keep you posted.

— JIm Shepherd

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