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Team Lapua’s Erik Cortina finished second overall in the F-Open Division at the 2022 European National Championships. Cortina scored a 319.34 to secure the second-place result and won the F-Open 1,000-yard leg of the competition.
Congratulations to Team SK’s Erich Mietenkorte for winning the Washington State High-Power Silhouette Championship. Mietenkorte also won the Washington State Smallbore Silhouette title just last month.
Sturm, Ruger & Company, Inc. (NYSE: RGR) is pleased to announce that Team Ruger continued its winning streak by securing several divisional wins last weekend.

AirForce Airguns and its sister company, Rapid Air Worx will be attending and exhibiting at the upcoming Texas Airgun Show in Arlington, TX. The Texas show is one of the biggest and most attended in the US.
Constructed of Kydex, the Galco Corvus OWB/IWB convertible holster is now available for the SIG-Sauer P365XL and Spectre Comp pistols.
ISOtunes Sport announced that the company has partnered with outdoor influencer and non-profit leader Erin Crooks. The CEO and founder of Raise ‘Em Outdoors, Crooks is a longtime hunter, angler, and shooter.

MidwayUSA is excited to announce the promotion of Neal Lines to Director of eCommerce Marketing. Neal began his career at MidwayUSA in 2008 as an Application Development Intern.
The Headrest Safe Company, LLC announced that Louis Tuck will assume the roles of Chief Operations Officer and Chief Financial Officer. As the Chief Operations Officer, Tuck acts in a leadership role, effectively carrying out the plans and procedures of the CEO.
Orchid LLC has been recognized as a top retail solutions provider by Retail Tech Insights for the second consecutive year.

MidwayUSA announced the promotion of Stacey Uptegrove to eCommerce Strategy Manager. Stacey began her career at MidwayUSA in 1994 in Customer Service where she was an Administrative Assistant before becoming a Training Supervisor.
According to the latest SCOPE data from the National Association of Sporting Goods Wholesalers, demand for micro-compact 9mm pistols has risen from eighteen percent of the overall handgun market in 2019 to twenty-five percent of handgun sales in 2022.
Firearms Policy Coalition (FPC) announces the filing of a supplemental brief in its Nguyen v. Bonta lawsuit, which challenges California's ban on purchasing more than one handgun or semiautomatic, centerfire rifle in a 30-day period.
The Second Amendment Foundation announced that it is financially supporting a federal lawsuit filed by four Illinois residents who are challenging a ban on licensed concealed carry on Public Transportation under the state’s Firearm Concealed Carry Act.
High Speed Gear has added the Mini Missions Pouch to their line of tactical gear. It can be used as an admin pouch with an internal loop panel organizer, or a first aid pouch with an exterior elastic loop to secure a tourniquet.
SIG SAUER announced the evolution of the most advanced and tested rifle platform in the world with the introduction of the MCX-SPEAR-LT. It is an aluminum frame rifle with a gas piston operating system featuring a lightweight ergonomic handguard, push-button folding stock with cheek-rest, and a cold hammer forged carbon steel barrel.

Tokarev USA enters the hunting and sporting market with the introduction of their APEX Field Shotgun. The APEX Field is a semi-automatic shotgun based on a reliable gas operated piston design with a 3.5” chamber.
Anderson Manufacturing prepares for the oncoming hunting season by adding a .350 Legend option for their Sharpshooter and Marksman models within the AM-15 Precision Series.
ZeroTech Optics unveils their Thrive HD binocular series, featuring industry leading ED glass, providing both durability and optical performance in all weather conditions.

The Fall Season is underway for 13,214 student athletes participating in USA Clay Target League programs this fall. Those athletes are competing on 761 high school, college, and homeschool teams nationwide.
Department of Natural Resources is close to finalizing development plans for a new public outdoor shooting range in Richmond Township, near Goose Lake in Marquette County.
This week on Shooting USA, the Rocky Mountain Airgun Challenge brings top rifle shooters to a quieter range for competition. Then the German response to the superior firepower of the M-1 Garand, the Gewehr 43, is one of History’s Guns.

“If it flies, it dies.”

Whoever said that is a liar…a bald-faced liar. I saw a number of doves. I shot at a number of doves. A number of doves did not die. It was an ugly situation, to say the least.

September 1st was the opening day of dove season, or as I like to refer to it, disappointment season. Hunting doves in Arizona is a thing. It’s a big thing, in fact. And I was out there before sunrise with a shotgun, a couple boxes or shotshells, and a whole lot of hope.

For much of Arizona the dove field isn’t an actual field. It’s a rock covered, cactus laden desert that kinda sucks to trek across in the dark. Oh yeah, there are also rattlesnakes. Surprise! Photo by P. Erhardt

For the second season in a row I was heading out to the field. Who am I kidding, this was more like the surface of the moon with cacti than a field, but there I was with a TriStar 12ga over-and-under I ordered from Palmetto State Armory.

I didn’t need a new shotgun. I had an over-and-under, two actually. I had a semi-auto 12ga. And, I had 12ga pump. So, why did I buy another? Simple. One is none, as we all know, but what’s not as commonly well known is that four is also none. It’s a fact, look it up.

Shotgun in hand, ammo on my waist in one of those tool/nail aprons, and a folding camo chair over my shoulder, I walked across all the jagged rock one can find in a quarter mile walk, and set myself down for those early morning birds.

The national average for dove is five shots per bird. An hour in and I was one for eight. Ten minutes later I was two for nine and calling it a day. I still had to go to work, because the opening day of dove season isn’t a national holiday…like it oughta be.

I saw a number of doves the morning of opening day, but more than a few flew by in stealth mode, and sometimes in formation. These were clearly doves from nearby Luke Air Force Base. Unfortunately, of those I got a shot off at, only two ended up in my bag. Photo by P. Erhardt

The great thing about dove hunting is you can get two bites of that particular apple each day. After work I returned to the rocky desert, this time accompanied by Kayla, a colleague from work.

Kayla, who’s only true contribution to my dove hunting was explaining to me I could legally hunt little more than a mile from my own front door. (How did I now know this?)

I say that’s her only contribution because she got in my head with her sinister mantra of, “You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.”

This is a great dating mindset. It is a horrible dove hunting strategy. I am convinced that Kayla is in the pocket of ‘Big Shotshell’ out there working to convince shooters to load and shoot every possible shotshell they can find.

Thanks to her, I went one for 14 in early evening hunting, with more than a few attempts to shoot birds just slightly below what one might consider low earth orbit.

The one I did hit helicoptered lazily to the ground 15 to 20 yards due east. Here’s a question. Do you realize how hard it is to find a gray/brown bird in the desert as the sun is setting?

Here’s a better question. Do you realize how hard it is to find your way back to your camo chair in the desert when you’re looking into the setting sun? Spoiler Alert: It’s really damn hard.

You’re probably thinking I should have marked my location on one of those handy hunting apps, right? Well, I do have the onX Hunt app. It just seems to work a whole lot better if, you know, you bother to use it.

Hunting the late afternoon until sunset has its perks here in Arizona. You might see fewer birds, but the vistas never seem to disappoint. Photo by P. Erhardt

So, I closed out opening day of the 2022 dove season with just three birds taken on 23 shots – so much for the national average – with one lost bird, and one lost camo chair.

However, this still beats the hell outta not hunting dove.

-- Paul Erhardt, Editor, the Outdoor Wire Digital Network

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