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Beretta announced that Team Beretta athletes have had a strong performance during the start of the 2023 competition season. In particular, JJ Racaza, a member of the Beretta pistol team, has brought home multiple first-place wins in recent matches since the start of the year.
USA Shooting skeet athletes earned a total of four medals at the International Shooting Sports Federation (ISSF) Doha, Qatar, Shotgun World Cup. In individual skeet events, Kimberly Rhode earned gold in a shoot off against Samantha Simonton who earned silver. Vincent Hancock earned a silver medal in Men’s Skeet. Handcock and Rhode went on to win the gold in the Mixed Skeet Team event.
The Nocked N Locked archery team recently held an indoor target regional for Wisconsin S3DA at Omro Bowhunters Club in Omro, Wisconsin.

Rigney’s School of Archery held an indoor regional event for Illinois S3DA with archers from six clubs participating. Nine of those archers were competing in their first S3DA event.
Federal Ammunition congratulates sponsored shooter Vincent Hancock—a three-time Olympic gold medalist and four-time World Champion—for winning two medals at the 2023 International Shooting Sports Federation World Cup. Hancock brought home a Silver medal in Men’s Individual Skeet and a Gold medal in Mixed Team Skeet with U.S. teammate Kim Rhode.
The Second Amendment Foundation and Defense Distributed have filed their final summary judgment brief with the federal court in Texas in the case of VanDerStok v. Garland, which challenges the authority of the Justice Department and Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) to regulate items that are not firearms, as if they were firearms.

T4E (Training 4 Engagement) will exhibit at the 2023 International Law Enforcement Educators and Trainers Association 2023 Conference Expo in St. Louis, Missouri, on March 20-25. With more than 1,000 qualified law enforcement professionals attending the ILEETA Expo each year, T4E training markers will appear in booth #432.
X-Vision Optics and its line-up of thermal optics and infrared products will be on display at the Minnesota Deer and Turkey Classic, Friday, March 10 through Sunday March 12 at Canterbury Park in Shakopee, Minnesota.
Brownells donated $22,222 to three different gun rights organizations as part of the second annual 2A Day celebration held on February 22, 2023.

Dallas Safari Club is warning members of bogus “Membership Suspension Notices” apparently from a scammer attempting to get the recipient to download a document and provide information. There is no such thing as a “suspension notice” and members are urged to delete the message and notify DSC of the message.
APEX Ammunition announces its partnership with Country Outdoors, hosted by Mary O’Neill Phillips and Zach Phillips. The show is seen on the Outdoor Channel and all Outdoor Channel digital outlets, Mossy Oak Go, Mossy Oak TV, and Sportsman Channel.
Chattanooga Shooting Supplies is seeking to hire a full-time inside sales representative to join our growing team. Ideal candidates would service prospects and customers in California, the Midwest, or New England markets.
The National Account Manager is responsible for meeting their sales objectives at their assigned accounts (Distributor or Big Box Retailer).
Camfour announces the addition of Rugged Suppressors to their vendor lineup. Camfour is a national wholesaler of firearms, ammunition, and accessories for the shooting sports industry.
RCBS has added three new cartridges to its collection of full-length die sets: 7mm PRC, .360 Buckhammer and .338 Weatherby RPM.

Rock River Arms introduces its new Operator DMR (Designated Marksman Rifle) series for 2023. This new series includes four models chambered for .308/7.62x51 and two models chambered in .223/5.56 NATO.
Redding Reloading Equipment introduced a 3-Die Set for the recently announced 360 Buckhammer. A straight-wall cartridge based on the legendary 30-30 Winchester; the 360 Buckhammer will be at home in the deer woods across many regions of the United States.
MyOutdoorTV, Outdoor Sportsman Group’s global subscription streaming platform, has more than 20,000 episodes of the best hunting and fishing content available now to YouTube TV and YouTube Primetime Channels subscribers in the United States.

On March 25, 2023, the Civilian Marksmanship Program will host the JROTC Three-Position National Championships awards ceremony – recognizing the top sporter and precision air rifle JROTC teams and individuals from across the country. Along with dinner and awards, those in attendance will be addressed by special guest speaker, Major General Antonio Munera.
The Second Amendment Foundation announce Walther Arms has joined a growing list of Gold Level corporate sponsors providing critical support for our ongoing efforts to win firearms freedom one lawsuit at a time.
The National Collegiate Shooting Sports Athletic Association announced a partnership with Big Frig. Big Frig has a strong relationship with youth shooting sports as a product partner with MidwayUSA Foundation.


Last month, the initial shots of the Taurus TX22 Compact pistol were reported here. If you missed that, the new TX22 is the opposite of the TX22 Competition – by being smaller, with less capacity and weight – and similar to it by being “optics ready” out of the box.

It’s a 13-shot pistol, sized to be appealing to the new shooter and to be relevant for the differently abled and/or elderly folks to use for defense. (Note: insert typical “not recommending any 22 pistol for self-defense” disclaimer here …)

The new gun has the slide cut for the Holosun K-format of pistol-mounted optic. I’ve not mounted an optic yet because I’m still working out what the gun can do in it’s supplied format.

It’s lightweight at 16 ½ ounces and it’s not small: over an inch and a quarter wide, nearly five inches high and with an overall length of 6.7”, the gun features the Taurus “SAO” striker fired action.

The gun is cocked when you rack the slide and trigger movement doesn’t translate to moving the striker further back to prepare to fire. There is a manual safety and the levers are bilateral.

The slide is hard anodized aluminum and there’s an accessory rail for accessories. A trigger safety helps prevent firing from inertia if dropped, and the gun has a striker block. The price is fair, with an MSRP just under $400.

I grabbed the chronograph, camera and a few different loads to try to get some velocity readings on the second trip. The first trip saw consumption of Federal 40 grain AutoMatch bulk packed ammo. It was reliable in the gun.

Being labeled “AutoMatch,” led me to believe the ammo was meant for semiauto rimfire guns. The velocity bears that out – as does function in the TX22 Compact. The load zipped over the chronograph, set fifteen feet from the muzzle, as an average of 1,040 FPS. The extreme spread was only 95 feet per second, not at all bad for massively mass produced range ammo.

This was followed by Aguila 38 grain “SuperExtra” hollow point ammo. The average velocity was 1,123 FPS and the ammo had an extreme spread of 56 FPS. Norma TAC-22 ammo has been problematic in some of the guns I’ve tried it in. This was an exception in the Taurus. The ammo was slow, averaging 915 feet-per-second, but the extreme spread was only 73 FPS.

The latest range trip involved shooting for accuracy. I shot the gun from 25 yards seated behind a bench and with a Caldwell Pistolero handgun rest to help with stability. The Federal 40 grain AutoMatch shot to the sights, providing a 3 ½” group with the best three bullets crowding into 1 3/8” – a credible performance with a non-competition 22 pistol and bulk ammo.

The Aguila SuperExtra HP ammo shot to the sights with a 2 7/8” group. The best three were clustered into 1 ½”. This was even better.

I shot some older issue CCI Stinger 32 grain HP and it produced a 1 ¾” group with three rounds shooting into an inch.

This gun has some promise.

Finally, with the Norma TAC-22 – some slow ammo – I shot an eight-shot group to finish a box of ammo. Surprisingly, eight rounds produced a 2 ¾” high by 2 7/8” wide group. Five of the eight rounds went into two inches. The best three crowded into ¾”…

That’s really good for a value priced 22 autoloader.

As usual, there were no stoppages. It’s a great shooting gun. Now I’m anxious to try an optic on it.

-- Rich Grassi

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