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By a three-point 147-144 spread, Team Mathews archer Lisell Jaatma won the World Archery Event in Nimes, France, defeating teammate Meeri-Marita Paas.
The Civilian Marksmanship Program has created a spring event loaded with matches and courses.These include a mix of traditional vintage and modern military rifle matches, pistol competitions and educational courses.
Edwards County Archery recently hosted their first regional qualifier for the 2021 competition season. With the largest indoor turn out so far this year, archers entered the building throughout the day to compete for their chance to qualify for the Illinois S3DA State Championship and become the Illinois S3DA “Indoor” Shooter of the Year.

Christensen Arms announces QUEST – the ultimate VIP Precision Hunter Training Event. QUEST, in partnership with FTW Ranch and Swarovski Optik, offers shooters and hunters the opportunity to improve their marksmanship skills in actual field conditions.
Shoot Like A Girl kicks off the 2021 Home of the Brave Tour with a stop at Bass Pro Shops in Fort Myers, Florida the weekend of February 6 and 7. Both new and experienced shooters are invited to join in at the state-of-the-art mobile shooting range for this free, interactive event.
The PARAMOUNT HTR is the new addition to the PARAMOUNT Series for 2021. Identical to the PARAMOUNT except for its stock, it is a more hunting-oriented function design dipped in the new Realtree® HillsideTM camo pattern.

Outdoor Edge introduces the company’s latest all-purpose, everyday carry knife, the LeHawk. It has a 2.5-inch long Wharncliffe blade has a straight edge.
Primary Arms Online has announced their February firearms giveaway, which centers on a customized Heckler and Koch VP9 Tactical Optics-Ready 9mm pistol. Totaling at over $2,100, this package includes accessories and extras from popular brands like Holosun, SureFire, Grey Ghost Gear, and more.
SIG SAUER, Inc.announced that Team SIG Pro Shooter Lena Miculek received the Gundies Most Influential Female Award. The Gundies is an annual community voted award that spotlights the world’s best firearm-centric content creators and influencers.

Blaser Group is pleased to honor its top-performing sales representatives for their exceptional efforts on behalf of Blaser Group throughout 2020.
Orchid LLC announced the appointment of Michael Andersen to the position of Director of Regulatory Services. He will lead Orchid’s international trade practice and will fulfill client needs related to ATF compliance, import / export licensing and firearm eCommerce regulations.
SIG SAUER, Inc. is proud to announce the final delivery of the Next Generation Squad Weapons systems to the U.S. Army, consisting of the revolutionary 6.8x51 hybrid ammunition, the NGSW-AR lightweight belt-fed machine gun, the NGSW-R rifle, and suppressors.
Christensen Arms announced the appointment of Kyle Williams as National Accounts Manager. Kyle will be responsible for planning, implementing, managing, and overseeing the company's national accounts.
Riton Optics is pleased to announce the promotion of Tony Tarantino to the position of Director of Marketing. Tarantino has been with Riton for nearly two years and has over twenty years in the firearms industry.
NSSF’s Melissa Schilling and Colleen Leonard have earned their GBAC Technician certifications, which will help ensure that all NSSF Live! events will be conducted in accordance with the highest standards to protect the health and safety of attendees and team members.

GLOCK Professional has launched a new firearm training course designed specifically for new shooters called GLOCK Brilliance in the Basics. This course is designed for entry level individuals who are seeking professional instruction on the safe and proper use of GLOCK firearms.
Otis announces the Professional Pistol Cleaning Kit, a must-have for any Glock owner. This new kit cleans and maintains 9MM, .40 cal, and .45 caliber Glock pistols.
Walker’s introduces the new X-TRM Razor Digital w/Bluetooth earmuffs. Improved from the original Razor earmuffs, the X-TRM Razor Digital w/Bluetooth feature ultra-low profile with GEL ear pads, cool mesh headband with advanced technology for one of the best electronic hearing protection choices on the market.


Meopta is pleased to introduce the MeoPro Optika LR series. Available in 10x42 HD and 8x50 HD models, these high-performance laser rangefinding binoculars quickly measure distance up to 2,600 yards and 2,950 yards, respectively.
BPI Outdoors / Bergara Rifles announces the BMR --the “Bergara Micro Rimfire.” These new models are available in .22 LR along with .17 HMR, and .22 WMR.
Avance features an innovative lighter weight construction that will appeal to archers looking for more speed coupled with a low profile to help keep the shaft on target in crosswind conditions. Easton is offering the Avance with a full line of glue-in target points with choices of pin and direct-fit nocks., the online resource for women who shoot and support the Second Amendment, is now in its 10th month of publication.
Ken Zaydel has been named as a Georgia S3DA Eastern Regional Coordinator. As a Regional Coordinator, Ken will oversee the development and operation of S3DA within the eastern region of Georgia.
A release from Luth-AR disclosed the loss of Michael Benecke, good friend of Randy, the Luth-AR family and the conservation, hunting and firearm community.
Steiner Optics announces its “Kick off the Year Right” promotion to give hunters and shooters great savings on popular Steiner binoculars and riflescopes. Savings can be had on select HX Series, M Series and the Commander binoculars along with select T5Xi riflescope offerings.
Shoot Like A Girl is pleased to welcome back more than 38 corporate partners for the 2021 Home of the Brave Tour. These include retailers Bass Pro Shops and Cabela’s, firearms manufacturers and many more companies.
In this week's episode of American Rifleman TV, the "top 10 machine guns" countdown continues with the Colt M1895 and the Lewis drum-fed LMG.
American Airgunner, now airing on Sportsman Channel (Thursdays at 9:30 p.m. ET.), features big game hunts with .50 caliber airguns and offers a different perspective on the firearm in the modern world.
This week, Shooting USA features the Civilian Marksmanship Program High Power Rifle competition. Plus, a profile of one of the original YouTube stars and his precision shooting.

In the age of massive growth in the population of gun-owning Americans, the industry has stepped up to provide some education, putting ‘best practices,’ safety and skills in front of the new members of the ‘gun culture.’

One such organization is GLOCK Professional. The company recently announced firearms training for new shooters, “GLOCK Brilliance in the Basics.” The course is one-day long, open to those aged 16 and up who meet the background requirements.

According to the release, “The course provides all firearm related equipment and is taught by GLOCK Professional trainers that have years of experience working around North America with clients of all knowledge levels.”

A part of GLOCK Training, the firm also offers the Armorer’s Course, GLOCK Operator Course, GLOCK Modular Optic System (MOS) Operator Course, GLOCK Low Profile Carry Course, and Instructor Workshop. The new course is a reflection of the changing times: “With an increase in first time firearm purchasers and a priority in education for safe firearm handling, GLOCK Professional recently introduced its newest training course, GLOCK Brilliance in the Basics.”

GLOCK Training image.

I’ve had the GLOCK Armorer’s Course several times – need to take it again – as well as a couple of tours through the previous Instructor Workshop and the current Operator Course. GLOCK Professional is a great outfit with solid trainers. Applying their experience to instructing new gun owners is outstanding.

It’s smart – and needed.

Photo from Warne Scope Mounts.

Further, in the “good news” department – something we can all cherish – a release from Warne Scope Mounts. A friend of Ken Flood, VP of Sales for Warne, has a son, Paxton Spencer, who was born with Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome – a congenital disorder in which he was “born with half a heart and only one functioning lung.” This is rarely survived and the child has endured many operations. Paxton’s compromised immune system is further complicated by the pandemic. He’s not been able to leave the property since the fall of 2019.

The Spencers live in the country and can shoot on the premises. Paxton’s dad was interested in a rifle the boy could shoot for distance and to hunt whitetails. So, in the words of the Warne release, “The firearms industry came together to present a special gift to a special kid.”

The industry came together with a package to meet his needs – without his having to leave the premises. From the story:

Warne was able to orchestrate a solution with donations from the following generous companies:

  • Masterpiece Arms: PMR Pro Rifle in 6mm Creedmoor
  • Swarovski: Kahles K624i scope
  • Warne: Skyline Mount, accessories and Skyline bipod
  • Kestrel: 5700 Elite Ballistic Computer with HUD
  • Midway USA: a combo rifle case
  • Armageddon Gear: shooting bags and rifle case
  • Hornady: 2 cases of match ammo
  • MK Machine: steel targets and a scope lever.

It’s great when we can join to help someone and Warne deserves accolades for this effort. The companies that stepped in likewise deserve our support. Best wishes to Paxton and his family and many thanks to all for a job well done.

When reading the Monday NSSF Bullet Points mailing of February 1, I saw a link to a release from Beretta Holding. It seems that it acquired the British gun-making firm Holland & Holland. Maker of magnificent shotguns and rifles, H&H is described in the release as “ … a fitting partner, fulfilling all the elements of finest gun making; a rich history, independent manufacturing facilities and outstanding products.”

According to the release, the Holland & Holland Shooting Ground of West London, is included in the acquisition. This deal helps Beretta maintain a presence in the UK market post-Brexit.

-- Rich Grassi

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