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The Hornady Ballistic Development Group has developed a new line of match bullets for the ultimate in precision and long-range shooting. The A-Tip line of match projectiles features a long, uniform, precision-machined aluminum tip for enhanced drag efficiency.
The National Rifle Association’s Shooting Illustrated magazine recently honored Federal Premium Hydra-Shok Deep with its Golden Bullseye Award for 2019 Ammunition Product of the Year.
The Hornady 6.5 PRC has been named the 2019 Ammunition Product of the Year by the editors of American Hunter Magazine, as part of the National Rifle Association Publications Golden Bullseye Awards.

Bushnell has recognized Richard Mann with the 2019 Bill McRae Lifetime Achievement Award for his contributions to optics and the outdoor industry.
The first major event of the season took place this past week in Medellin, Colombia. Team Easton archers earned all titles at the event, sweeping every gold medal.
Team Mathews claimed 6 podium spots across three pro divisions at the ASA Pro/Am in Paris, TX this past weekend, including first and second place finishes in Men's Open Pro and a sweep of the Women's Open Pro Division.

Trinity Oak’s 5th Annual Texas Hill Country Shooting Classic & Sporting Expo is slated for Saturday, June 8, at Joshua Creek Ranch in Boerne, TX. 
Rossi has redesigned its popular Matched Pair rimfire rifle/shotgun system to satisfy the needs of the modern shooter. The Matched Pair is based on a single-shot, break-open action and comes with two barrels—one chambered for .22 LR or .22 Magnum and the other for 3-inch .410 or 20-gauge. 
Federal Ammunition President Jason Vanderbrink accepted a custom gold jacket made exclusively for members of the NRA Golden Ring of Freedom while at the 148th NRA Annual Meetings & Exhibits in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Otis Technology announced that it has partnered with Kiesler Police Supply in the Police Academy Program. The effort allows recruits to easily order an Otis Police/Tactical Handgun Cleaning Kit in the caliber pertinent to their needs.
Guntec USA, a designer and manufacturer of tactical weapon accessories is staffing up its sales teams across the United States with the key hire of Jim Ferry & Associates, covering 13 Western states.
Blue Heron Communications announces the appointment of Steve Scott, producer and host of Safari Hunter’s Journal & Outdoor Guide television series, to the newly-created role of Special Projects Coordinator.

Davidson’s is pleased to announce plans to rapidly deploy a new Mid-Atlantic call center in its existing Greensboro, NC distribution facility. Along with this expansion, the company is creating several new remote, regional sales positions across the country.
Velocity Outdoor is searching for a Director of Business Development for their East Bloomfield, NY location. The senior level position is responsible for driving business development and sales activities for key Big Box retail accounts.
The Marketing & Communications Coordinator works in conjunction with the Director of Marketing Communications in all communication functions, marketing execution and management of the USA Shooting brand.

Three victories in three Second Amendment-related cases—two from New York and one from Wisconsin—is good news for gun rights, the Second Amendment Foundation said.
FireDisc Cookers announced a new line of seasonings recently added to their growing product line. These include fajita, stir fry and chili seasonings.
Streamlight Inc. introduced the QB, an ultra-compact headlamp that delivers 200 lumens over 85 meters on its highest setting. It features the convenience of USB rechargeability, three output modes and a lightweight, low-profile design.

McMillan Fiberglass Stocks is proud to support the upcoming Guardian Long Range Competition in Blakely, Georgia, May 3-5. 

The National Shooting Sports Foundation commends Congress’s passage of the Target Practice and Marksmanship Training Support Act. The bipartisan legislation was passed by the U.S. House of Representatives. Companion legislation was previously passed by the Senate.
Smith & Wesson Corp. announced that Smith & Wesson and Thompson/Center Arms have extended their “Thank You For Your Service” military appreciation program through September 30, 2019. This program applies to all active duty, honorably discharged,retired, or disabled members of the U.S. Armed Forces or Reserves.
The new issue of Skillset magazine is now available on newsstands featuring the story of Vietnam’s bloodiest infantry battalion. Next, take a look inside the closet of a Russian assassin and read the story of Frank Hamer.
Survivor’s Edge May/June issue is out, a “Gear Guide” issue in which some of the latest and greatest survival equipment is shown. This edition is also packed with stories on how to identify medicinal plants, read a compass and apply a tourniquet.
Shooting Industry’s debut Woman’s Issue boasts an expansive collection of practical ways for dealers to empower, educate, equip and expand sales to women. More than 20 dealers share powerful accounts of how their stores have successfully cultivated sales in this emerging segment.
MidwayUSA is excited to announce a dramatic expansion in the guns available to its customers.Brands include Ruger, Smith & Wesson, GLOCK, Springfield Armory and more.
McMillan Fiberglass Stocks will be supporting the upcoming JC Steel Challenge long-range shooting event in Benge, Washington, May 3-5. This event will be the sixth event on the National Rifle League's 2019 match schedule.
The National Shooting Sports Foundation and Orchid Advisors are pleased to announce that the American Suppressor Association has signed on as a Silver sponsor of the 2019 Firearms Industry Compliance Conference. 
This time it’s Precision Rifle Competition at the Brawl in Texas with long-range shooting challenges that are complicated by the South Texas weather. Then, Shooting USA examines the M9 Beretta as it becomes one of History’s guns.

Mossberg supplies the pistol, magazines, and standard items - but includes good Rule 5 "Keep it Locked Up" firearms responsibility info as well.

The news has been out about the Mossberg pistol – the second to achieve full production in Mossberg’s long history. There’s nothing here new about it except the shooting. For those who have been “out of the country,” here’s a precis of the new gun.

It’s a 22-ounce (loaded), subcompact, striker-fired polymer frame 9mm pistol. The glass-reinforced polymer frame is solid and features palm swells and a distinctive grip angle. The magazine release is reversible and the frame has a unique texture. The slide is constructed of stainless steel with “Diamond-Like Carbon Coating” for a finish – the 3.4” stainless steel barrel has the same finish. The slide serrations are described as “multi-angle,” a good description.

The “Safe Takedown System” simply features a special striker cover plate (a patent-pending design used under license from Strike Industries) that you can easily remove and replace, allowing access to the striker. Remove it, the striker and the slide can be moved forward off the frame. You don’t have to pull the flat-profile trigger – another interesting selection – to disassemble the piece.

The magazines are referred to as “Mossberg Clear-Count” units, supplied in 6- and 7-round capacities. The sample had factory-installed TRUGLO Tritium PRO sights. The gun is available in a Centennial model, as well as with/without night sights, with a cross-bolt safety and with a factory-supplied Viridian laser.

The gun was fired for accuracy from 25 yards. The measured five-shot groups are listed as well as the “best three of five,” allowing me to weed out my errors in grip, trigger and vision. You care about how accurate the gun is, not how well I can shoot it. I also noted variation in point of impact relative to point of aim.



5-shot group

Best 3/5

Point of impact, notes

Winchester “White Box” 115 FMJ


3 ¼”

3.5” low, center for windage

Winchester PDX Defender 147



2.5” low, center. Best 4 in just under 3”

Ruger ARX +P 65 grain



4” low, 2” left. 1 failed to carry up*

Fed. Premium Micro 150 HST

4 ¼”


3 at sights, 2 low.

Hornady Critical Defense 115 FTX



4.5” low

I used the “short magazine” – flat floorplate – with the Ruger load and wonder if I didn’t create the stoppage that prevented one round from carrying up to feed – perhaps interfering with the magazine release button. It’s the only time it happened – on this range trip. There’s more to come on this stoppage.

The Mossberg MC1SC is a very personable little gun, not at all abusive to shoot. It requires no stippling aftermarket and seems to need none of the grip tape treatments – at least for me. The Federal Premium Personal Defense Micro 150 HST and the Hornady Critical Defense 115 grain FTX were both easy to shoot and quite accurate in the tiny heater. Interestingly, Winchester’s bulk ball ammo, the “White Box” 115 grain FMJ loads easily functioned through the little gun and was plenty accurate enough for range practice.

Without my interference – as in a machine rest – this gun could likely produce regular groups of two-inches or less depending only on the individual sample gun’s ammo preference. I found it interesting that 147 grain standard pressure defense loads still shot around two inches low at 25 yards while the only-slightly heavier HST Micro hit at the sights.

The sights and trigger are very good.

The Mossberg MC1Sc fit inside a BlackPoint Tactical OWB received to use along with the nice GLOCK 48, establishing another neat fact about the Mossberg pistol: it fits GLOCK 43-ish holsters. At that time, I wasn’t sure that G43 mags work in the new pistol but had it on good authority that they did. I was to find out at the LEOSA (law enforcement retirees’ range) that G43 mags are good to go, as I found out running the little gun in a new comparative standards course meant for snub revolvers. You’ll soon see that story on our companion service, The Tactical Wire – if you subscribe.

- - Rich Grassi

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