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Hornady SUBSONIC has been named the 2022 American Rifleman Ammunition Product of the Year as part of the National Rifle Association Publications Golden Bullseye Awards.
Team SK shooter Erich Mietenkorte scored an overall aggregate of 275 x 320 to secure the 4-Gun Aggregate and “Iron Man” Grand Silhouette Championship. The match was hosted by the Hellgate Civilian Shooters Association at the Deep Creek Range in Missoula, Montana.
Illinois S3DA was excited to get the opportunity to work with Aurora Sportsmen’s Club to host their very first Illinois S3DA 3D regional. Aurora Sportsmen’s Club started an S3DA team just over a month ago.

Rocky River Archery Club held the last North Carolina S3DA 3D regional of the season in Monroe, North Carolina. Approximately, 58 archers from 8 NC S3DA Teams traveled to the new site to compete.
Pennsylvania S3DA kicked off their 3D competition season in the mountains of Tioga County, Pennsylvania.
West Michigan Archery Center in Rockford, Michigan hosted the 2022 Michigan S3DA Outdoor Target State Championship. Nearly 60 archers from six S3DA teams participated in the event.

With Mike Schloesser’s first-ever individual European Championship title in the men’s compound finals in Munich, Germany this weekend, he became the first World Archery Grand Slam title holder ever.
The Civilian Marksmanship Program announced the 2022 First Shot Ceremony, set to take place Tuesday, July 12, at the Camp Perry National Guard Training Facility near Port Clinton, Ohio.
Hatsan’s Escort PS Youth is the perfect beginner’s shotgun. This semi-auto shotgun is just the right size for youth and smaller framed shooters. It’s easy to carry, easy to load, and easy to shoot.

The Switchback Belt Holster from Galco is a general-purpose hybrid design that can be carried by left- or right-handed shooters, strongside or crossdraw. It’s now available for the Colt Anaconda.
1791 Gunleather offers a wide range of quality holsters for any handgun, including the micro-compact Taurus GX4. The new GX4 IWB Kydex holster sports a slim, lightweight design that can accommodate optics and provide a customized multi-position fit.
AGM Global Vision, a manufacturer and importer of advanced thermal imaging and night vision systems, announced the hiring of Chase Stephens as their new Director of Brand Development.
ISOtunes Sport is excited to announce a new partnership with competitive shooter Andrew Hyder.
Following the success of the U.S. Army and U.S. Navy MK248 300WM Precision Sniper Rifle Contract, SIG SAUER is pleased to announce another U.S. Army award to manufacture the follow-on Advanced Sniper Rifle 300 Norma Mag and armor piercing 338 Norma Mag ammunition.
APEX Ammunition is pleased to announce Kile Jones has joined the company as Director of Marketing. In this role, Jones will spearhead the development and management of marketing initiatives for the company and work with the current advertising, communications, and social media teams.

American Outdoor Brands, Inc. announced that Arturo Del Rio, 49, has joined the company as Vice President of Human Resources & Chief People Officer.
The National Rifle Association recently honored MidwayUSA owners Larry and Brenda Potterfield with the NRA Defender of Freedom Award.
NSSF announced that Gearfire has signed on to be the Education and Mobile App sponsor for the NSSF Range-Retailer Business ExpoTM July 11-13 in New Orleans. The Range-Retailer Expo is the premier gathering for entrepreneurs, startups and well-established firearm range and retail operators.

Liberty Ammunition, a manufacturer of self-defense ammunition, is being adopted by Focus Fire Training as the instructors’ personal carry ammo.
Traditions Performance Firearms announces H&G Outdoors as their 2021 Rep Group of the Year. The award was presented by Traditions VP of Sales Ryan Nicholas to Principal Manager and Co-Founder of H&G Outdoors Justin Giarusso.
Primary Arms has announced a new monthly giveaway for June, which offers a premium AR-308 package valued at over $3,880.
Olin Winchester, LLC (“Winchester”), considered one of the world’s leading ammunition manufacturers,?is seeking a Territory Sales Manager - Midwest. This position will be remote with the successful candidate to reside within their sales territory.
Davidson’s, a firearms distributor, seeks candidates for a Customer Relationship Manager position. The position serves the Northwest Region (Northern California, Nevada, Oregon, Idaho, Wyoming, Washington and Montana).
Firearms Policy Coalition and FPC Action Foundation announced that they have filed an important brief with the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals in the case of Atkinson v. Garland. This is a case challenging the federal lifetime ban on gun ownership as applied to a 1998 non-violent felony conviction for mail fraud, urging the Court to reverse a misguided decision of the trial court.
MasterPiece Arms announced the Black and Gold DS9 Hybrid addition to the DS Pistol Series. It features a black slide and frame with gold accessories including the barrel, safety, trigger, magwell, hammer, and more.
The Dan Wesson Enhanced Compact Pistol (ECP) and Tactical Compact Pistol (TCP) check all the boxes for reliability, accuracy, ergonomics, and weight. Both compact 1911 pistols deliver serious firepower in 9 mm and .45 ACP configurations.
Gatorz Eyewear has taken two of its most popular protective eyewear frame options, the Specter and the Magnum, and laser engraved 15 stars and stripes on the side of the frames, creating both protective and patriotic limited-edition eyewear.
For the fourth year running, Sootch00’s 2022 Father’s Day Gift Guide, presented by Burris, is live on Media Lodge’s
Bad Oscar Shooting Sports (BOSS, LLC) has partnered with the Scholastic Clay Target Program in support of the youth development program's national championship and other crucial areas for 2022.
The National Collegiate Shooting Sports Athletic Association, a newly formed program focused on the growth and protection of the long-standing history of competitive shooting sports, has announced a partnership with Federal Ammunition. The Anoka, Minnesota based company has committed to the organization as a Patron Partner and an official ammunition brand of NCSSAA.
Our dear friend and longtime industry insider George Trulock, founder of Trulock Choke Tubes, died June 13 of pancreatic cancer.
Christensen Arms announced that they have partnered with Bakcou e-Bikes for the Ultimate Giveaway Promotion. Consumers who purchase any new Christensen Arms center-fire rifle between June 15th and August 15th qualify for an entry to win one of twenty Bakcou Storm Jäger e-bikes valued at $8,298 each.
Blackhawk, a leader in law enforcement and military equipment for over 20 years, has released its Father’s Day Gear Guide as well as an exclusive Ranger Green T-Series holster in time for celebrating dad.
Dads across the country have their chance at a one-of-a-kind custom rifle and a pellet grill – a prize package valued over $2,000 – in the Brownells Father’s Day Giveaway starting June 14 and lasting through Father’s Day, June 19.
With the many great things you could get for Dad this Father’s Day, get him something you know he wants and will use for many years to come - a new wireless trail camera, by Stealth Cam.
Tuesday morning Ohio Governor Mike DeWine signed Knife Rights' Ohio Knife Law Preemption bill, SB 156, in a signing ceremony attended by Knife Rights Director of Legislative Affairs, Todd Rathner.
This week, Shooting USA features Precision Rifle Competition, but with twenty-twos. It’s the PRS Rim-fire Finale, the competition that opens up Precision Shooting to more competitors without the cost of centerfire.

Today's feature is from The Outdoor Wire -- and our publisher, Jim Shepherd.

For many Americans, their level of enlightenment is directly proportional to the frenzy and decibel levels by which their “news” is delivered.

Already we’re seeing frantic emails warning of Senatorial “traitors” or “tyrants” who “broke oaths,” “went back on their words,” or “betrayed their country and constituencies” - because they agreed to a framework for possible legislation.

Hate to unnecessarily ruffle feathers, but that’s no more accurate than President Biden’s frequent off-the-wall claims about guns. It’s simply not true that nine millimeter bullets “blow your lungs out of your body.” It’s equally wrong to scream that agreeing to discuss legislation is agreeing to anything beyond discussion.

Agreeing to framework for proposed legislative actions is - brace yourselves- what legislators are supposed to do. Government - good government - is supposed to consider - carefully- before acting.

Consideration mandates conversation.

That sort of conversation isn’t held via bullhorn or signboard. All that frenzied rhetoric from advocacy groups on both sides of hot-button issues is far more interested in attracting your attention to shake the money tree than encourage civil discourse.

Since I’ve already spiked someone’s blood pressure, here’s another revelation: no matter the decision in Roe v Wade, the Supreme Court will not outlaw abortions.

Overturned in total, nullified in part, divided into three parts like Gaul, whatever the ruling, abortion will not be outlawed by the Supreme Court.

If/when Roe v Wade is overturned, the question of abortion will be returned to where it has belonged all along: to the states. Where vox populi- the voice of the people - speaks clearest.

At that point, the states will individually decide the matter according to the desire of their voters.

Will it make for a hodgepodge of laws? Probably. It won’t just make abortions harder to obtain in some areas, it will likely make them unlawful in others.

But the states will decide the matter, not the feds.

The United States of America was - brace yourselves - designed to be governed at the most local level possible.

Not a single member of the nation’s founders ever planned on having an overarching bureaucracy trying dictate law onto a citizenry forced into some sort of homogeneous mishmash. That was the absolute opposite of their intent.

They planned the federal government to be as small as possible. To only be involved in big picture problems, not micromanaging lives.

They realized that every law, rule and regulation would take away a small piece of personal freedom. But their nightmare has become reality.

Of course it’s happened at the old “boiling a frog” speed- gradually - but it’s always seeking ways to encroach further into our individual lives.

Ten years into our country’s history, it were in serious trouble. The Articles of Confederation - the original charter under which the country was formed- didn’t really form a country. It created a loose conglomerate of independent states.

The national legislature had no power to tax or raise an army. There were no executive or judicial branches.

At that point, James Madison and other smart people across the colonies got together and designed the three-pronged government we have today. Three branches: legislative, executive and judicial, each designed as checks-and-balances to prevent one group ever having too-much control.

But the point was simple: to prevent any single group or individual from ever being in the position to violate our individual rights.

Some experts make the point we’ve devolved far from that ideal. I’m inclined to agree.

Those same experts say we’ve allowed an Administrative State to assume power. That was a progressive goal in the early 20th century. “Progressives” said our system had “deficiencies” and they tried correcting them. They argued, somewhat successfully, that “experts” should write, enforce and adjudicate our laws. Essentially, the citizens allowed them to plant the seeds that have produced the weeds now clogging our proverbial garden.

Our distractions and fixations on other stuff, then and now, essentially let bureaucrats assume control of the country.

Madison- the original smart guy when it comes to how our government was designed, wrote: “the accumulation of all powers, legislative, executive, and judiciary, in the same hands..may justly be pronounced ‘the very definition of tyranny.’”

Today, politicians come and (eventually) go. The bureaucrats remain.

And our addiction to instantaneous everything is a major contributor. We want it all and we want it now. To the point we ignore the big picture. Distracted by the noise, we miss the really significant news. The fact it’s sometimes buried -or ignored altogether- tells you we’ve also allows our media to lose objectivity as well.

Take the “Breaking News” banner at the floundering news network where I once proudly worked. It stayed on the screen a majority of the time in a (failed) effort to attract - and hold - the ephemeral interest of inveterate channel surfers. The banner remained, despite nothing they were saying even remotely approaching “breaking.” Very little of it, even charitably, deserved to be called “news”.

Rushing to breathlessly report something is as nonsensical as the screaming hysterical of people demanding that government do something about…crime, abortion, guns, you name it. And to do it right now.

That’s where our founding fathers, warts and all, got it right.

In fact, the last words on how we should proceed on virtually every important issue (governmentally speaking) comes from our first president:

“It has always been, and will continue to be, my earnest desire to learn and to comply, as far as it is consistent, with the public sentiment; but it is on great occasions only, and after time has been given for cool and deliberate reflection, that the real voice of the people can be known.”

George Washington, Letter to Edward Carrington, May 1, 1796

As always, we’ll keep you posted.

— Jim Shepherd

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